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Sm@rtBuy Training and Resources

There are a number of training options available to help you when using Sm@rtBuy.

The following training courses are available on YULearn:

  • Sm@rtBuy for Requisitioners
  • Sm@rtBuy for Approvers
  • Online Purchase Request Process on Sm@rtBuy
  • Procure to Pay

Training is available for all users, however, it is a prerequisite for all Sm@rtBuy requisitioners and approvers to attend a training session prior to using the system.

Requisitioners are required to complete a Requisitioner Application before they attend training.

To request a customized training session, contact the Sm@rtBuy team directly at

It is recommended that all Sm@rtBuy users read the Sm@rtBuy Training Manual (PDF) prior to using the system. The training manual provides step-by-step instructions  on the many tasks performed in Sm@rtBuy, such as setting up your user profile, creating, editing, reviewing and approving shopping carts.

For quick refresher, a homepage guide (PDF) is also available.

Non-PO Invoicing

Purchase Requisition to Purchase Order (PRPO) process

Non-PO Invoicing

Purchase Requisition to Purchase Order (PRPO) process

Please note that you will need to sign in with your Passport York credentials to access these videos.

* These videos provide the same instructions as the Job Aids, just in a video format.

Resources for Specific Sm@rtBuy Processes

Non-PO Invoices

Where the vendor does not accept credit card payment or your PCard limit is not sufficient, goods can be purchased and an invoice sent to York.

The payment of invoices that does not require the submission of a purchasing requisition (Non-PO Invoices) will be directed and processed through Sm@rtBuy.

Purchase Requisition to Purchase Order

Where a vendor requires a Purchase Order, or a Purchase Order is required by the University based on dollar threshold, Purchase Orders can be generated through submitting a Non-Catalogue Purchasing Requisition through Sm@rtBuy.

Need more help?

For additional support, please contact the Sm@rtBuy team via email at