Grading Scheme and Feedback (Policy)

Grading Scheme and Feedback (Policy)

Legislative History:

Approved by Senate Committee on Teaching and Learning: 1993/12/07; Approved by Senate: 1994/01/27; Date Effective: 1994/01/27; Revised by Senate: January 22, 2004; Date Effective: September 1, 2004

Approval Authority: Senate

Signature: Harriet Lewis

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The grading scheme for all courses (i.e. kinds and weights of assignments, essays, exams, etc.) shall be announced, and be available in writing, within the first two weeks of class.

Under normal circumstances, graded feedback worth at least 15% of the final grade for Fall, Winter or Summer Term, and 30% for ‘full year’ courses offered in the Fall/Winter Term shall be received by students in all courses prior to the final withdrawal date from a course without receiving a grade, with the following exceptions:

  • graduate or upper level undergraduate courses where course work typically, or at the instructor's discretion, consists of a single piece of work and/or is based predominantly (or solely) on student presentations (e.g. honours theses or graduate research papers not due by the drop date, etc.);
  • practicum courses;
  • ungraded courses;
  • courses in Faculties where the drop date occurs within the first 3 weeks of classes;
  • courses which run on a compressed schedule ( a course which accomplishes its academic credits of work at a rate of more than one credit hour per two calendar weeks).

In unusual and/or unforeseeable circumstances which disrupt the academic norm, instructors are expected to provide grading schemes and academic feedback in the spirit of these regulations, as soon as possible.