Persons Paid from Research Grants and Contracts Held by York University Faculty Members (Procedure)

Persons Paid from Research Grants and Contracts Held by York University Faculty Members (Procedure)

Legislative History:

Approved by BPC:1994/11/16; Date Effective: 1994/11/16

Approval Authority: President

Signature: Susan Mann

Description: Has associated policy.



  1. These procedures are intended to provide faculty members with guidance and support in the hiring and employment of full and part time academic and administrative employees for a definite term or task, with funds received from research grants and contracts.

Researcher is the Employer

  1. The faculty member shall be and remain solely responsible for the hiring, job definition, setting of salary level, assignment of work, setting and administering performance standards, discipline, termination and all other matters which are inherent in the employment contract. The University will support its faculty members in the administration of these employment contracts on terms to be agreed to between them.

Payroll Services

  1. In accordance with its policy and by arrangement with faculty members, the University will provide payroll services and benefits administration for the assistance of faculty members, in a manner consistent with the administration of its own payroll and benefits.

Optional Access to University Benefits and Pension Plan

  1. In accordance with its policy, and upon arrangement, the University will provide to faculty members for their eligible employees, access to University benefit plans and the special provisions of the University Pension Plan.

Limitations on Contract Terms for Administered Grants or Contracts

  1. In cases where the University is the administrator of the grant or contract under which employees are being hired (either by agreement with the Faculty member or granting agency)
  1. all employment contracts for persons hired by faculty members shall be in writing, signed by the faculty member and the employee and shall specify terms and conditions of appointment which are consistent with the term and amount of the grant or contract.
  2. monies shall be set aside at the beginning of each fiscal year sufficient to fund the employer's liability to the employees for salary, benefits and (if applicable) for any payment which may become due upon termination of the contract of employment.