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Women's Remembrance Day

Women's Remembrance Day

Topic: Class and Examination Scheduling, Academic Activities Disruption, Emergencies
Approval Authority: Senate


That Senate continue to endorse a University-wide initiative to commemorate Women's Remembrance Day involving faculty, staff and students.

  • that Senate encourage the administration to facilitate the planning and adequate funding of activities appropriate to Women’s Remembrance Day through the Office of the Advisor to the University on the Status of Women.
  • that Senate encourage faculty to highlight Women’s Remembrance Day in their classes and to incorporate in their classes, as appropriate, some of the issues facing women, particularly violence against women, and that the Administration support the development of workshops to assist faculty in this.
  • that all information provided to students regarding the University’s scheduling for the academic year, including calendars and sessional dates, include a notification of the policy regarding Women’s Remembrance Day. Appropriate notification should be sent to the community in advance about various memorials and activities planned for Women’s Remembrance Day.
Legislative History: Recommended by the Senate Executive Committee; Approved by Senate 1998/05/28; Date Effective: 1998/05/28; Amended by Senate 2002/05/23.