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ASCP Terms of Reference


On behalf of Senate, and in a context where pedagogy, curriculum, and academic standards are critical aspects of the University's mission, and equity and the connection between research and pedagogy are fundamental principles, the Committee shall be responsible for the development and oversight of curriculum, academic standards and pedagogy.

Terms of Reference

The Committee shall be responsible for formulating policy and making recommendations to Senate on matters concerning the planning, implementation, and evolution of the academic standards, regulations, curriculum and programs of Senate and Faculties, including research-informed pedagogy. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing the Committee shall formulate and make recommendations to Senate on the following:

  • standards for admission (including the kinds of admission credentials and qualification), evaluation, examination, continuation and graduation;
  • policies bearing on the advancement of teaching and learning in the context of the University's mission and planning objectives, including those related to evaluation;
  • sessional dates;
  • Senate and Faculty regulations;
  • the establishment, disestablishment and modification of degrees, programs, diplomas and certificates;
  • Senate policies and oversight of processes related to Undergraduate Program Reviews and Graduate Program Appraisals;
  • the form, modes, times and locations of course and program delivery.

The Committee shall also be responsible for coordination, oversight, accountability and reporting of such aspects of the above that are delegated to Faculties or units. The Committee shall serve as Senate's liaison with academic administrators and other collegial bodies dealing with matters related to its mandate.

Standing agenda items shall include academic standards, curriculum, regulations, teaching and learning, the forms, modes, times and location of program delivery and other such matters of ongoing attention the Committee deems relevant to its mandate.