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Awards Committee Terms of Reference and Composition

Terms of Reference


On behalf of Senate, and in context of the high priority assigned to promoting, recognizing, and celebrating outstanding achievements in teaching, learning, service and research, the Committee shall be responsible for those aspects of awards, prizes and medals under Senate's jurisdiction.

Terms of Reference

The Committee shall be responsible for

  • developing, reviewing and recommending changes to policies, guidelines and criteria for prizes, medals, awards, scholarships and other academic distinctions that fall under Senate jurisdiction;
  • adjudicating awards, or overseeing the adjudication of awards delegated to other bodies with the requisite expertise;
    reporting to Senate on the individual recipients of prestigious academic awards and on the nature, number, purposes and disbursements of such awards;
  • proposing the creation, elimination or amendment of awards;
  • overseeing honorary degrees guidelines on Senate's behalf (but not the selection of honorary degree recipients);
  • advising Senate on awards policies generally and coordinating with other bodies as necessary.

Committee Composition

The Committee is composed of the following members:

a) Voting Members

  • Seven faculty members elected by Senate
  • One Librarian or Archivist elected by Senate
  • Two student Senators, normally one undergraduate and one graduate
  • President
  • Provost and Vice-President Academic (or delegate)
  • Vice-Provost Students (or delegate)
  • Vice-President Research and Innovation (or delegate)
  • One member designated by the Alumni Association

b) Non-Voting Members

  • Secretary of Senate
  • Chair of Senate
  • One member designated by Student Financial Services