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President's University Wide Teaching Awards

The President's University-wide Teaching Awards recognize the accomplishments of York's great instructors. The annual awards are presented in four categories:

  • Members of the senior full time faculty;
  • Full-time faculty members who have been at York for less than ten years;
  • Contract faculty; and
  • Teaching Assistants.

The purpose of the awards is to provide significant recognition for such excellence, to encourage its pursuit, to publicize such excellence when achieved across the University and in the wider community, and to promote informed discussion of teaching and its improvement. The awards demonstrate the value York University attaches to teaching and recognizes those who, through innovation and commitment, have significantly enhanced the quality of learning by York students. The  recipients are selected by the Senate Committee on Awards. Recipients of the awards have their names engraved on the President's University-Wide Teaching Award plaques in Vari Hall and are recognized at Convocation ceremonies.

Name Program Category Year
Mohamed ABDELHAMID Mechanical Engineering, Lassonde Teaching Assistant 2019
Jean ADAMS Schulich Full-Time 2009
Russ Patrick ALCEDO Dance, Arts, Media, Performance & Design Senior Full-Time 2019
Andrew ALLEN Education Contract 2002
Amir ASIF Computer Science & Engineering, Science & Engineering Senior Full-Time 2008
Ibrahim BADR French Studies, Arts Contract 1999
Joel BAETZ English, Arts Teaching Assistant 2005
Treeza BARTA Film, Fine Arts Senior Full-Time 2011
Dawn BAZELY Biology, Science & Engineering Senior Full-Time 2013
Anette BICKFORD Sociology, LA&PS Contract & Adjunct 2013
Kym BIRD English, Arts Contract 1997
Katherine BISCHOPING Sociology, Arts Full-Time 1997
Malcolm J. BLINCOW Anthropology, Arts Senior Full-Time 1999
Michael BONI Kinesiology and Health Science, Health Full-Time 2020
Pablo BOSE Environmental Studies Teaching Assistant 2006
Patricia BRADLEY Nursing, Health Full-Time 2012
Jeremy BURMAN Psychology, Health Teaching Assistant 2012
Bridget E. CAUTHERY Arts, Media, Performance & Design Contract and Adjunct 2018
Kabita CHAKRABORTY Humanities, LA&PS Full-Time (shared) 2016
Matthew CLARK Humanities, Arts Full-Time 2002
Deborah CLIPPERTON Humanities, Arts Contract & Adjunct 2009
Sue COFFEY Nursing, Atkinson Full-Time 2006
Avi COHEN Economics, Arts Full-Time 1994
Tom COHEN History & Humanities, Arts Senior Full-Time 2004
Peter CONSTANTINOU Public Policy and Administration, LA&PS Contract 2015
Diana COOPER-CLARK English, Atkinson Contract 1994
Carys CRAIG Osgoode Hall Law School Senior Full-Time 2015
Roger CARRICK Mechanical Engineering, Lassonde Teaching Assistant 2020
Alwin CUNJE Chemistry, Pure & Applied Science Teaching Assistant 2000
Alex CZEKANSKI Mechanical Engineering, Lassonde Full-Time 2017
Jurij DAREWYCH Physics & Astronomy, Pure & Applied Science Senior Full-Time 1998
Andrea DAVIS Humanities, LA&PS Senior Full-Time 2017
Mark A. DAVIDSON Social Science, Arts Contract, Other 2006
Isha DECOITO Education Contract & Adjunct 2014
Paul A. DELANEY Physics & Astronomy, Science & Engineering Senior Full-Time 2006
Susan A. DIMOCK Philosophy, Arts Full-Time 1998
Carol DUNCAN Sociology, Arts Teaching Assistant 1996
Claudio DURAN Philosophy, Atkinson Full-Time 1993
Leesa K. FAWCETT Environmental Studies Full-Time 2001
María L. FIGUEREDO Languages, Literatures and Linguistics, LAP&S Full-Time (shared) 2016
Caitlin FISHER Social & Political Thought Teaching Assistant 1999
Norma Sue FISHER- STITT Dance, Fine Arts Full-time Senior 2014
William FOUND Environmental Studies/Geography, Arts Senior Full-Time 2005
Lee FREW English, Glendon College Contract 2020
Gerald GINSBURG History, Arts Senior Full-Time 1997
William GLEBERZON Arts & Letters, Atkinson Contract 2008
R. Darren Gobert English, LA&PS Senior Full-Time 2016
Leslie GREEN Philosophy/Osgoode Full-Time 1992
Silviu GUIASU Mathematics & Statistics, Arts Senior Full-Time 2001
Radu GUIASU Multidisciplinary Studies, Glendon Full-Time 2010
Arthur HABERMAN History Full-Time 1995
Paul A. HERZBERG Psychology Full-Time 1996
Lesley HIGGINS English Senior Full-Time 1999
Trevor M.HOLMES English Teaching Assistant 1997
Krista HUNT Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies Contract & Adjunct 2016
Allan HUTCHINSON Osgoode Senior Full-Time 2007
Michaela HYNIE Psychology, Atkinson Full-Time 2003
Shin IMAI Osgoode Senior Full-Time 2010
David A. JOPLING Philosophy, Arts Full-Time 2000
Eva KARPINSKI Women's Studies, LA&PS Contract & Adjunct 2011
Dalton KEHOE Social Science Senior Full-Time 1997
Tamara KELLY Biology, Science Full-time 2014
Robert KENEDY Sociology, Arts Contract, Other 2005
Regi KHOKHER English, Humanities, LA&PS Teaching Assistant 2009
Isabel KILLORAN Education Full-Time 2005
Irena KNEZEVIC Social Science, Arts Teaching Assistant 2007
Ruth KOLESZAR-GREEN Social Work, LA&PS Full-time 2018
Donna KRASNOW Dance, Fine Arts Senior Full-Time 2002
Lee KUHNLE Philosophy, LA&PS Teaching Assistant 2011
Richard LALONDE Psychology Contract 1992
Debra LANGAN Sociology, Arts Full-Time 2008
Frances LATCHFORD Philosophy, Arts Teaching Assistant 2003
Judy LIBMAN Bethune/Pure & Applied Science Contract 2001
Alice MACLACHLAN Philosophy, LA&PS Full-Time 2011
Anne Frances MACLENNAN Social Science, Arts Contract, Other 2006
Yael MACHTINGER Social Science, LA&PS Teaching Assistant (shared) 2014
Harvey P. MANDEL Psychology, Arts Senior Full-Time 2000
Tharsini MANIVANNAN Chemistry, Science & Engineering Teaching Assistant 2008
Alistair MAPP Psychology, Health Contract & Adjunct 2019
Kevin McCORMICK Sociology Teaching Assistant 1995
Janet MELO-THAISS English & Humanities Teaching Assistant 2013
Sabina MIRZA Sociology and Social Science, LA&PS Teaching Assistant 2017
Jean-Michel MONTSION International Studies, Glendon Full-Time 2015
Robert MULLER Psychology, Health Senior Full-Time 2012
Elaine NEWTON Humanities Full-Time 1996
Jean NOBLE English Teaching Assistant 1999
Tanya NOEL Biology, Science & Engineering Full-Time 2008
Andrea O'REILLY Women's Studies Contract
Senior Full-Time
Michael PALAMAREK Sociology, Glendon Teachng Assistant 2002
 Dan PALERMO Civil Engineering, Lassonde Senior Full-Time 2018
Peter PAOLUCCI Social Science, English Contract 1995
Sarah PARSONS Visual Arts, Fine Arts Full-Time 2004
Walter PERCHAL Social Science/Schulich Contract 1997
Radhakrishnan PERSAUD Political Science, Arts/Atkinson/Glendon Contract 2000
Patrick PHILLIPS Philosophy, Arts Contract 2003
Fahimul QUADIR Social Science, Arts Full-Time 2007
Saeed RAHNEMA Social Science, Atkinson Contract 2004
Minha REOKENALLY HA Mechanical Engineering, Lassonde Teaching Assistant (Shared) 2018
Nicolette RICHARDSON Kinesiology & Health Science, Health Full-Time 2019
John B. RIDPATH Economics Senior Full-Time 1998
Hamzeh ROUMANI Computer Science, Pure & Applied Science Contract 1996
Sherry ROWLEY Humanities/Environmental Studies Teaching Assistant 1998
Judith RUDAKOFF Theatre, Fine Arts Full-Time 1999
Jean SAINDON Sociology Contract 1993
Steve SANGUEDOLCE Film, Fine Arts Contract & Adjunct 2010
Reena SHADAAN Environmental Studies and LA&PS Teaching Assistant (Shared) 2018
Hope SHAMONDA Social Sciences, Humanities, LA&PS Teaching Assistant 2011
Rehanna SIEW-SARJU Sociology, LA&PS Teaching Assistant (Shared) 2014
Brenda SPOTTON VISANO Analytic Studies & IT, Atkinson Full-Time 2001
Vivian STAMATOPOULOS Sociology, LA&PS Teaching Assistant 2015
Matthew J.P. Strang Sociology, LA&PS Teaching Assistant 2016
Jon SUFRIN Humanities, LA&PS Contract & Adjunct 2012
Tanya TAYLOR English, Graduate Studies Teaching Assistant 2004
Véronique Nathalie TOMASZEWSKI Sociology, Glendon Contract & Adjunct 2017
Peter TSASIS Health Policy & Management, Health Full-time Faculty 2013
Itamar TZADOK Philosophy, LA&PS Teaching Assistant 2010
Mike VESIA Kinesiology & Health Science, Health Teaching Assistant 2007
Walter WHITELEY Mathematics & Statistics, Arts Senior Full-Time 2003
Paula WILSON Biology, Science Senior Full-Time 2020
Diane ZORN Arts & Letters, Atkinson Contract Faculty 2007