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President's University Wide Teaching Awards

Mohamed ABDELHAMIDMechanical Engineering, LassondeTeaching Assistant2019
Jean ADAMSSchulichFull-Time2009
Hossam ALI-HASSANInternational Studies, Glendon College Senior Full-Time 2021
Russ Patrick ALCEDODance, Arts, Media, Performance & DesignSenior Full-Time2019
Andrew ALLENEducationContract2002
Janice ANDERSONHumanities, LA&PS Teaching Assistant 2022
Amir ASIFComputer Science & Engineering, Science & EngineeringSenior Full-Time2008
Ibrahim BADRFrench Studies, ArtsContract1999
Joel BAETZEnglish, ArtsTeaching Assistant2005
Treeza BARTAFilm, Fine ArtsSenior Full-Time2011
Dawn BAZELYBiology, Science & EngineeringSenior Full-Time2013
Anette BICKFORDSociology, LA&PSContract & Adjunct2013
Kym BIRDEnglish, ArtsContract1997
Katherine BISCHOPING Sociology, LA&PSSenior Full-Time2023
Katherine BISCHOPINGSociology, ArtsFull-Time1997
Malcolm J. BLINCOWAnthropology, ArtsSenior Full-Time1999
Michael BONIKinesiology and Health Science, HealthFull-Time2020
Pablo BOSEEnvironmental StudiesTeaching Assistant2006
Patricia BRADLEYNursing, HealthFull-Time2012
Jeremy BURMANPsychology, HealthTeaching Assistant2012
Bridget E. CAUTHERYArts, Media, Performance & DesignContract and Adjunct2018
Kabita CHAKRABORTYHumanities, LA&PSFull-Time (shared)2016
Matthew CLARKHumanities, ArtsFull-Time2002
Deborah CLIPPERTONHumanities, ArtsContract & Adjunct2009
Sue COFFEYNursing, AtkinsonFull-Time2006
Avi COHENEconomics, ArtsFull-Time1994
Tom COHENHistory LA&PS& Humanities, ArtsSenior Full-Time2004
Gordana COLBYEconomics, LA&PS Full-Time 2021
Michael CONORSchool of Kinesiology & Health Sciences, Health Senior Full-Time 2022
Peter CONSTANTINOUPublic Policy and Administration, LA&PSContract2015
Diana COOPER-CLARKEnglish, AtkinsonContract1994
Carys CRAIGOsgoode Hall Law SchoolSenior Full-Time2015
Roger CARRICKMechanical Engineering, LassondeTeaching Assistant2020
Alwin CUNJEChemistry, Pure & Applied ScienceTeaching Assistant2000
Alex CZEKANSKIMechanical Engineering, LassondeFull-Time2017
Jurij DAREWYCHPhysics & Astronomy, Pure & Applied ScienceSenior Full-Time1998
Andrea DAVISHumanities, LA&PSSenior Full-Time2017
Mark A. DAVIDSONSocial Science, ArtsContract, Other2006
Isha DECOITOEducationContract & Adjunct2014
Paul A. DELANEYPhysics & Astronomy, Science & EngineeringSenior Full-Time2006
Susan A. DIMOCKPhilosophy, ArtsFull-Time1998
Susan DIONEducation Senior Full-Time 2022
Carol DUNCANSociology, ArtsTeaching Assistant1996
Claudio DURANPhilosophy, AtkinsonFull-Time1993
Leesa K. FAWCETTEnvironmental StudiesFull-Time2001
María L. FIGUEREDOLanguages, Literatures and Linguistics, LAP&SFull-Time (shared)2016
Caitlin FISHERSocial & Political ThoughtTeaching Assistant1999
Norma Sue FISHER- STITTDance, Fine ArtsFull-time Senior2014
William FOUNDEnvironmental Studies/Geography, ArtsSenior Full-Time2005
Lee FREWEnglish, Glendon CollegeContract2020
Steve GENNAROCommunication Studies, LA&PSContract & Adjunct2023
Gerald GINSBURGHistory, ArtsSenior Full-Time1997
William GLEBERZONArts & Letters, AtkinsonContract2008
R. Darren GobertEnglish, LA&PSSenior Full-Time2016
Leslie GREENPhilosophy/OsgoodeFull-Time1992
Silviu GUIASUMathematics & Statistics, ArtsSenior Full-Time2001
Radu GUIASUMultidisciplinary Studies, GlendonFull-Time2010
Arthur HABERMANHistoryFull-Time1995
Paul A. HERZBERGPsychologyFull-Time1996
Lesley HIGGINSEnglishSenior Full-Time1999
Trevor M.HOLMESEnglishTeaching Assistant1997
Krista HUNTGender, Sexuality and Women’s StudiesContract & Adjunct2016
Allan HUTCHINSONOsgoodeSenior Full-Time2007
Michaela HYNIEPsychology, AtkinsonFull-Time2003
Shin IMAIOsgoodeSenior Full-Time2010
David A. JOPLINGPhilosophy, ArtsFull-Time2000
Andera KALMIN Social Science Contract & Adjunct 2023
Eva KARPINSKIWomen's Studies, LA&PSContract & Adjunct2011
Dalton KEHOESocial ScienceSenior Full-Time1997
Tamara KELLYBiology, ScienceFull-time2014
Robert KENEDYSociology, ArtsContract, Other2005
Michael KENNYEnvironmental and Urban ChangeTeaching Assistant2021
Regi KHOKHEREnglish, Humanities, LA&PSTeaching Assistant2009
Isabel KILLORANEducationFull-Time2005
Irena KNEZEVICSocial Science, ArtsTeaching Assistant2007
Ruth KOLESZAR-GREENSocial Work, LA&PSFull-time2018
Donna KRASNOWDance, Fine ArtsSenior Full-Time2002
Lee KUHNLEPhilosophy, LA&PSTeaching Assistant2011
Richard LALONDEPsychologyContract1992
Debra LANGANSociology, ArtsFull-Time2008
Frances LATCHFORDPhilosophy, ArtsTeaching Assistant2003
Judy LIBMANBethune/Pure & Applied ScienceContract2001
Alice MACLACHLANPhilosophy, LA&PSFull-Time2011
Anne Frances MACLENNANSocial Science, ArtsContract, Other2006
Yael MACHTINGERSocial Science, LA&PSTeaching Assistant (shared)2014
Harvey P. MANDELPsychology, ArtsSenior Full-Time2000
Tharsini MANIVANNANChemistry, Science & EngineeringTeaching Assistant2008
Alistair MAPPPsychology, HealthContract & Adjunct2019
Andrew MAXWELLMechanical Engineering, Lassonde Full-Time 2022
Kevin McCORMICKSociologyTeaching Assistant1995
Janet MELO-THAISSEnglish & HumanitiesTeaching Assistant2013
Sabina MIRZASociology and Social Science, LA&PSTeaching Assistant2017
Jean-Michel MONTSIONInternational Studies, GlendonFull-Time2015
Robert MULLERPsychology, HealthSenior Full-Time2012
Elaine NEWTONHumanitiesFull-Time1996
Jean NOBLEEnglishTeaching Assistant1999
Tanya NOELBiology, Science & EngineeringFull-Time2008
Sofia NOORIEducation Contract & Adjunct 2021
Andrea O'REILLYWomen's StudiesContract
Senior Full-Time
Michael PALAMAREKSociology, GlendonTeachng Assistant2002
 Dan PALERMOCivil Engineering, LassondeSenior Full-Time2018
Peter PAOLUCCISocial Science, EnglishContract1995
Sarah PARSONSVisual Arts, Fine ArtsFull-Time2004
Walter PERCHALSocial Science/SchulichContract1997
Radhakrishnan PERSAUDPolitical Science, Arts/Atkinson/GlendonContract2000
Patrick PHILLIPSPhilosophy, ArtsContract2003
Fahimul QUADIRSocial Science, ArtsFull-Time2007
Saeed RAHNEMASocial Science, AtkinsonContract2004
Minha REOKENALLY HAMechanical Engineering, LassondeTeaching Assistant (Shared)2018
Nicolette RICHARDSONKinesiology & Health Science, HealthFull-Time2019
John B. RIDPATHEconomicsSenior Full-Time1998
Hamzeh ROUMANIComputer Science, Pure & Applied ScienceContract1996
Sherry ROWLEYHumanities/Environmental StudiesTeaching Assistant1998
Judith RUDAKOFFTheatre, Fine ArtsFull-Time1999
Jean SAINDONSociologyContract1993
Farwa SAJADIBiology, Science Teaching Assistant 2023
Steve SANGUEDOLCEFilm, Fine ArtsContract & Adjunct2010
Reena SHADAANEnvironmental Studies and LA&PSTeaching Assistant (Shared)2018
Hope SHAMONDASocial Sciences, Humanities, LA&PSTeaching Assistant2011
Rehanna SIEW-SARJUSociology, LA&PSTeaching Assistant (Shared)2014
Daphene SOLISDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, Lassonde Teaching Assistant 2023
Brenda SPOTTON VISANOAnalytic Studies & IT, AtkinsonFull-Time2001
Vivian STAMATOPOULOSSociology, LA&PSTeaching Assistant2015
Matthew J.P. STRANGSociology, LA&PSTeaching Assistant2016
Carolyn STEELE Humanities, LA&PS Contract & Adjunct 2022
Jon SUFRINHumanities, LA&PSContract & Adjunct2012
Tanya TAYLOREnglish, Graduate StudiesTeaching Assistant2004
Véronique Nathalie TOMASZEWSKISociology, GlendonContract & Adjunct2017
Peter TSASISHealth Policy & Management, HealthFull-time Faculty2013
Itamar TZADOKPhilosophy, LA&PSTeaching Assistant2010
Mike VESIAKinesiology & Health Science, HealthTeaching Assistant2007
Walter WHITELEYMathematics & Statistics, ArtsSenior Full-Time2003
Paula WILSONBiology, ScienceSenior Full-Time2020
Diane ZORNArts & Letters, AtkinsonContract Faculty2007

The President's University-wide Teaching Awards recognize the accomplishments of York's great instructors. The annual awards are presented in four categories:

  • Members of the senior full time faculty;
  • Full-time faculty members who have been at York for less than ten years;
  • Contract faculty; and
  • Teaching Assistants.

The purpose of the awards is to provide significant recognition for such excellence, to encourage its pursuit, to publicize such excellence when achieved across the University and in the wider community, and to promote informed discussion of teaching and its improvement. The awards demonstrate the value York University attaches to teaching and recognizes those who, through innovation and commitment, have significantly enhanced the quality of learning by York students. The  recipients are selected by the Senate Committee on Awards. Recipients of the awards have their names engraved on the President's University-Wide Teaching Award plaques in Vari Hall and are recognized at Convocation ceremonies.