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York University Founders Honour Society

The York University Founders Honour Society was created for York's 50th Anniversary.  The following individuals have been named to the York University Founders Honour Society for their contributions to the founding or early development of the University:

Neil McKinnon AGNEW Early Faculty member
John ARMOUR Administrative Staff/first director, Physical Plant
Mortimer APPLEY First Dean of Graduate Studies
Yvonne AZIZ Founding Administrative Staff
Naomi BLACK Early Faculty member
David BELL Former student/former Environmental Studies Dean
Hartwell BOWSFIELD History Department/First archivist
Gerald A.P. CARROTHERS First Dean of Environmental Studies
Joan CARRUTHERS Former Assistant Director of Libraries
Alan M. CLARKE Secretary of York Organizing Committee
Ramsay COOK Early Faculty member
Gregory COOPER Early Student; former president of the York University Alumni Association; Honorary Board Member
Jacques COTNAM First French Canadian Faculty member
John COURT Early Student and author of the York motto
Michael CREAL Early Faculty, former Chair of Humanities & former Master of Vanier College
William DIMMA Student in First MBA class, later Dean of Business and Chair of the Board of Governors
Vicky DRAPER Founding Administrative Staff
Robert DRUMMOND Early Student and Faculty Member
Sydney EISEN Former Dean of Arts and Chair of History
Norman ENDLER Founding Faculty
William D. FARR Early student, first Secretary of the University, former Vice-President
Stanley FEFFERMAN Early Faculty Member
C. David FOWLE Founding Faculty
Bertrand GERSTEIN Early Governor and later Chair of the Board
James GILLIES First Dean of Business
H. K. GIRLING Founding Member, Glendon English Department
Fred GORBET Early Student, current member of the Board of Governors
Joseph GREEN Founding Chair, Department of Theatre; former Dean of Fine Arts
H. S. HARRIS Former Dean at Glendon; First chair of Philosophy
Conrad HEIDENREICH Early Faculty Member
Jules HELLER Former Dean of Fine Arts
Beland HONDERICH One of the First Major Donors to the University
Donald JACKSON Early Faculty Member
Vivienne JAMES Early Administrative Staff
Harold KAPLAN Early Faculty Member, Former Dean of Arts
Michael KOERNER Former Governor
Allan LAMBERT Founding Governor
Gerald LeDAIN Former Dean of Law/retired Supreme Court Justice
John D. LEITCH Founding Governor
Douglas G. LOCHHEAD First Director of Libraries
Robert LUNDELL First Faculty Member in Chemistry and later Dean of Science
Thelma McCORMACK Early Faculty Member
Alex MURRAY Urban Studies Faculty
Willard PIEPENBURG Influential Early Associate Dean in the Faculty of Arts
William PURCELL Established York's hockey program
Escott REID First Principal of Glendon College
Donald RICKERD Second Registrar
Virginia ROCK First Master of Stong College
Murray G. ROSS Founding President
Clayton RUBY Early Student
Frank SALERNO Early Administrative Staff
John T. SAYWELL Former Dean of Arts during its major growth
Harold SCHIFF First Dean of Science
John SEELEY Early Faculty
William W. SMALL First Board Secretary and former Vice-President
Denis SMITH First Registrar
D. McCormack SMYTH First Dean of Atkinson College
Johanna STUCKEY First Faculty Member in Humanities Division
Clara THOMAS Early Faculty
Albert TUCKER Former Principal of Glendon College
Douglas VERNEY Former Chair of the Department of Political Science/Arts
John WARKENTIN Early Faculty Member
David WOOD Founding Faculty, Department of Geography, Atkinson
Gerald WRIGHT Early Student, later Assistant to the President
John W. YOLTON Former Chair of Philosophy Department and Acting President