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Tenure and Promotions Committee Terms of Reference and Composition

Terms of Reference

The Standing Committee of the Senate on Tenure and Promotions serves as the President's Advisory Committee on Promotions and Tenure. The Committee's deliberations are held in camera, and they remain completely confidential and not open to debate in Senate. The Senate Committee on Tenure and Promotions reports to Senate on its work at least three times a year.

Committee Composition

The Committee is composed of the following members:

a) Voting Members

Fourteen faculty members elected by Senate, at least two of whom must hold the rank of Full Professor, and at least eight of whom hold a rank above that of Assistant Professor
Two students
[November 22, 2012]

b) Non-Voting Members

Chair of Senate
Secretary of Senate
Provost and Vice-President Academic

[January 25, 1973; May 23, 1991]

Service on the Committee is for three years. Normally a third of the membership retires annually. Members are not eligible for successive re-election to the Committee. No person shall serve simultaneously on tenure and promotions committees at different levels. [Senate December 18, 1975]