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FALL 2015 SCHEDULE: September 21 - December 11, 2015

Welcome to the ESL Open Learning Centre

LOCATION: 327 South Ross

The ESL Open Learning Centre (OLC) offers support to English as a Second Language (ESL) students registered in credit courses at York University. The Centre is open to ALL York students, registered in degree programs, AND IS FREE OF CHARGE. Graduate and undergraduate students are welcome. We are constantly developing our programs to meet the needs of ESL students at York, so please stay tuned for updates. Please feel free to drop in to ask any questions or to browse our library during our office hours. Students may request help in ANY aspect of English: listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

Our services include:

  • A WEEKLY 60-minute workshop on Pronunciation beginning Oct 1st from 6-7pm (***See below for more information)
  • Small group English language learning (50 min. sessions)
  • Dedicated small group sessions for classroom assignments and class-specific language use
  • Individual tutoring (50 min. sessions) on specific language needs
  • Weekly English movie nights with conversation after
  • Drop-In is available during scheduled hours, if a tutor or language facilitator is free.
  • Independent language learning using print and multimedia materials from our library
    of ESL texts, audio tapes, websites, self-study guides, and CD-ROM products
  • A Story Hub for your personal/fictional writing projects - see more details below

  • Please note that we are not an essay editing service.
  • We don't proofread essays for you. We teach you to correct your own mistakes.
  • ***NEW!!! WEEKLY Workshops on Pronunciation Skills-beginning Thursday October 1st @ 6-7pm. SIGN-UP NOW online as registration is limited. Workshops will alternate between Thursday and Tuesday evenings (ie Thurs Oct. 1st then Tues Oct. 6th then Thurs Oct. 15th etc.). ALL workshops are held between 6-7pm in Ross S312.

FACULTY MEMBERS: If you have students needing English language services, contact us to set up small group sessions or to explore other course-specific options:

Contact us: 416-736-2100 X 22940 OR
OLC Coordinator:
Geoff Lawrence:

Registration and Sign-Up Procedure

  • To sign up for tutoring, workshops, and small group learning, or to use these facilities, you must be a registered user. To register, please click the Register with OLC link on the left.
  • Once you have registered, you can Log In, and use the online form to book space in the variety of learning opportunities we offer.
  • You can also drop into any unbooked tutorial or a small group session if space permits!

Cancellation Policy

  • You may cancel an enrolment for a tutorial or workshop at any time.
  • However, if you cancel 2 times during the semester within 2 days of the session you have enrolled for, you will not be allowed to enrol for that type of session (tutorial/workshop) for the rest of the semester.
  • Please note that the same rule applies to sessions you have booked and do not show up for.
  • Note if you do not arrive within 15 minutes of your session start time, it may be given to another student.
  • There is tremendous demand for this service; therefore, we have to ensure that students who frequently do not attend sessions they've signed up for do not keep other deserving students from accessing sessions they want.

ESL Story Hub

York is a crossroads for individuals from all over the world and at all levels of study who arrive here through many complex networks of migration to pursue their goals. This is a dramatic process, and ESL students carry many immensely interesting stories. If you have a story you would like to share -- yours, another's or imagined! -- the ESL OLC wants to hear it and provide a forum for you to share it with the York community.

To submit your stories please register and login and look for the Story Hub link on the left menu. We will review it and, once it's accepted, upload it to the STORY HUB on our website for others to read. We are also exploring the possibility of publishing winning stories in EXISTERE, York's literary journal.

If you are hesitant to identify yourself as author, you can remain anonymous. If you want to work on language and style issues in your stories, please book a tutorial. Besides their human interest, these stories are great language learning exercises!



All students registered at the ESL OLC are able to use materials and facilities for self-study at the Multimedia Language Centre, 117 Ross South". No appointments are necessary; students should just indicate that they are enrolled in the ESL OLC.

Regular Weekly Schedule of Appointments:

Monday: 11am - 5pm
Tuesday: 10am - 8pm
Wednesday: 11am - 4pm
Thursday: 9am - 8pm
Friday: 10am - 5pm

  • Check on-line schedule for minor weekly variations
  • If you cannot book a tutoring session, a small group session or a workshop because it is FULL, please send an e-mail to We will then see if we can fit you in and/or offer you some learning options. We will also use this information for statistical purposes and to refine our scheduling. Thank You!


Please see above!


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