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What is Anthropology at York University?

Explore how people are subjected to, participate in, and contest the processes of living in a world that is interconnected by powerful economic, cultural and technological forces. Gain the tools necessary for critical analysis of our place in the social and cultural diversity of the world. Engage in topics such as development and the environment, media and culture, health and illness, gender and sexualities, religion and science, and displaced peoples. Learn to think critically about how concepts such as class, race, gender and ethnic identities are produced and expressed. Our goal is to prepare you to ask questions about contemporary, past and future social life.

A  degree in Anthropology will give you the skills you need to engage critically with, and ask new questions about, the world in which we live.

Faculty members in the Department of Anthropology have national and international reputations for scholarship, engaged advocacy, and excellence in teaching at both the Graduate and Undergraduate levels. With twenty-one faculty members and eight affiliates, we are the largest socio-cultural anthropology department in Canada. We offer comprehensive and engaging programs of study focusing on four areas.

The department is also proud to be hosting the 2014 Canadian Anthropology Society Meetings.

Expand your anthropological education by studying abroad
in our iBA (international BA) program

through the York International Intership Program,

or, by taking our International Field School in Greece.



  • ***NEW MINOR IN MEDICAL ANTHROPOLOGY*** A Minor program in Medical Anthropology (to begin in the 2014-15 academic session) was approved by Senate on 27 Feb. The minor can be matched with any major program.
  • Prof. David Lumsden has been awarded the Governor of Canada Medallion for sharing knowledge across borders between Canada and China.

  • Anthropology major Julien Cossette has won Honourable Mention for Best Upper-Year Project in York University's 2nd Annual Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Fair, 2014at the Scott Library. His poster presentation is called: “How Far Is It?” Of Geocaching and Emplacement in Athens, Greece






  • Thursday 6 March, 2014, 3:30-5:00 Anthropology Professor Daniel Yon will discuss “The Spectacle of Race and the Making of Racial Identity in Late 19th Century St Helena” as part of the Tubman Speaker Series in 280A York Lanes.

  • 29 April - 3 May, 2014: The Department of Anthropology at York University will be hosting the Canadian Anthropology Society (CASCA) annual conference. The conference theme is: Promising Uncertainties: Unsettling the Future of Anthropological Terrain.
April 30 - May :: 3 CASCA 2014 at York
Studyiing abroad in Greece


Borderless Higher Education for Refugeess

What is Anthropology