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There are many ways to get involved with sustainability efforts at York University. From joining student organizations, taking classes in FES, getting involved with IRIS, or, if you live in undergraduate residence, the Res Race to Zero, you can make a difference. Plus, with sustainability@yorku, you can take a personal pledge, participate in the Green Office program, and sign up to be a Sustainability Ambassador. As you can see, at York University there are many ways to make a positive impact on not just your university community, but also the world.


Student Organizations:

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Did you know that your co-curricular activities can be part of your official school records? For more information, check out the “yuconnect” page hosted by Student Community and Leadership Development (SCLD), and then explore the links below for even more ways to get involved! YFS, BESSA, Maloca Community Garden, OPIRG, Regenesis, and at Glendon Roots and Shoots.



Faculty of Environmental Studies (FES):

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Our vision is to direct and combine the diverse energies, assets and activities of the Faculty of Environmental Studies to become the premier location for interdisciplinary, analytical and collaborative research, education and action on critical and changing environmental issues.

Our mandate is to provide unsurpassed opportunities for interdisciplinary teaching, learning and research about natural, built, social, cultural, and political-economic environments and the dynamic relationships between these. Dedicated to inspiring active-learners and engaged citizens, we are a community that respects and values insight, creativity, justice, and diversity and that works to promote significant social and environmental change toward the creation of a more equitable and sustainable world through imaginative and critical thought, and concerted action.


Institute for Research and Innovation in Sustainability (IRIS):

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We are a university-wide interdisciplinary research centre dedicated to pursuing multifaceted approaches to the contemporary challenges of sustainability.

The York University research community has a huge breadth and depth of expertise in sustainability and related issues. It’s my goal for IRIS that research collaborations and innovative ideas will be created and nurtured, in a way that would not be likely to happen within the regular academic structure of the university. - Dr Stepan Wood, Acting Director



Res Race to Zero:Description: H:\SHARE\Sustainability\Images\resrace.jpg

Students on Keele and Glendon campuses will do their part to minimize their energy consumption and compete to win the 2012 Res Race to Zero. Residence Environmental Ambassadors at each location will help build awareness, educate, and ultimately change behaviour. This initiative complements York's 5 year energy plan which includes a $40 million investment to reduce consumption by 25%. Modifying behaviour is an essential component of reducing our carbon footprint. Additionally any savings will be invested in improvement of quality of life of residence students on campus.


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