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Rachelle Campigotto

Rachelle Campigotto

Co-Curriculum Lead


Rachelle has been teaching in post-secondary education for several years. She is a member of the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) member and contract faculty in the Faculty of Education. Her work and research focuses on science education, foundations of education, food literacy and teacher activism. She seeks ways to take teacher experiences and implement them in the curriculum. She strives to have an inclusive, critical pedagogy that is responsive to current real-world issues. In the classroom, her lessons are facilitated by an inquiry framework. Her goal is for students to feel represented within the curriculum, to develop critical questions and to direct their own learning outcomes. She loves working within the C4 classroom due to its’ interdisciplinary and collaborative nature. Her background in Environmental studies has always fostered the approach of looking at problems from a variety of lenses – social, equity, innovative, personal and theoretical. The C4 environment supports this interdisciplinary collaboration. She loves working alongside students and seeing these learning connections make an impact in the world.