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Director, Staff and Executive Committee

Danielle Robinson

 Director (July 2020 -)

Title: Associate Professor, School of the Arts, Media, Performance, and Design
Campus Building: Kaneff Tower # 827
Campus Address: 74 York Blvd.
Phone: (416) 736 - 2100 ext. 66102

Camila Bonifaz


Title: Program Coordinator
Campus Building: Kaneff Tower # 825
Campus Address: 74 York Blvd.
Phone: (416) 736 - 2100 ext. 55237

Executive Committee

  • Danielle Robinson (CERLAC Director; ex officio)
  • Camila Bonifaz (CERLAC coordinator, ex officio)
  • Honor Ford-Smith (CERLAC Associate Director; ex-officio)
  • Kendra-Ann Pitt (faculty member-at-large; new)
  • Shamette Hepburn (faculty member-at-large; new)
  • Cristina Delgado Vintimilla (faculty member-at-large; new)
  • Tameka Samuel-Jones (faculty member-at-large; returning)
  • Nicola Short (faculty member-at-large; returning)
  • David Trotman (faculty member-at-large; returning)
  • (student representative; new)
  • (student representative; new)
  • (student representative; new)


CERLAC Student Caucus: Kristina Borg, Sebastian Oreamuno

Events: Honor Ford-Smith, Miguel Gonzalez

Membership and Outreach: Eduardo Canel, Harry Smaller, Anne Rubenstein

Awards: Nicola Short, Miguel Gonzalez, Shamette Hepburn

Resource Centre: Danielle Robinson, Liisa North, Caese Levo, Luis van Isschot

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