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Student Caucus

Anse Cafard Memorial, Martinique | Photo courtesy of Alyssa James

The Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean (CERLAC) Student Caucus represents and advocates for the collective interests of students enrolled in the CERLAC graduate diploma program and/or registered as CERLAC research associates, in all matters of CERLAC policy and action at York University. The CERLAC Student Caucus seeks to build community among graduate students, faculties, and the university at large, with consideration for diverse experiences and interests. Above all, the CERLAC Student Caucus works to optimize the environment within which graduate students develop, both professionally and personally.

The CERLAC Student Caucus is currently seeking to fill the following 3 positions:

  1. Internal Communications Coordinator
  2. Public Relations Coordinator
  3. Student Engagement Coordinator

If you are looking to get more involved with CERLAC next year and would like to add some experience to your CV, this is a great opportunity! The positions are for one year (September 2021-April 2022).

Click here to nominate yourself for this positions. Here you will also find a description of the responsibilities for each role.

Please note: You must be an active CERLAC student to take on one of these roles. To be considered an active CERLAC student, you must be registered as a full-time or part-time student at York University, and one or more of the following must apply to you:

  1. Registered in the CERLAC Graduate Diploma Program
  2. Registered as a Research Associate at CERLAC
  3. CERLAC Student Caucus member
  4. Student representative on the CERLAC executive committee
  5. Attended at least one CERLAC event in the previous year
  6. Was a speaker or volunteer at a CERLAC event in the previous year

CERLAC Student Caucus Contact Information: Natasha Sofia Martinez

CERLAC Student Caucus Co-Chairs (2021/2022). To contact them, click here to send them an email.