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Playing for Real

Playing for Real


Last Updated on October 23, 2023

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Based on lessons learned at the Butterfly Peace Garden of Batticaloa, Sri Lanka, Paul Hogan will give a series of workshops in Contemplative Art from January - June 2024 at the Falling Sky Studio. These workshops will be based on his Playing for Real / Garden Path Curriculum and its sequel, The Culture of Peace as Child's Play which he will be working on over the next three months.

For background history on this project, please see Paul's book Beautiful Nonsense. For a curriculum of Garden Path methodology, see Playing for Real. Both these books are available on the Garden Path website under publications. There is also a Playing for Real powerpoint presentation (see below) which encompasses the whole Garden Path Journey.

Paul considers the The Butterfly Peace Garden of Batticaloa, Sri Lanka to be an inspiration in all that he does. Based on his experience there from 1994 to 2014, he is confident that this pedagogical approach can help heal and inspire disaffected youth here in our city.

Watch the full seminar on Playing for Real:

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Paul Hogan, Community Fellow, Garden Path Community Health and Wellness Active

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