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Customized Services

York U’s Custom Services

YOU define the need, the design, the delivery option, the location, the audience 
WE provide the learning opportunity, the reporting, the credentials 

Customized solutions can be structured to meet professional learning goals by: 

  • Aligning learning to achieve strategic plans, key initiatives or shared goals 
  • Modifying delivery schedules adapted to organizational and learner requirements 
  • Accommodating employer subsidies to support a cohort of learners 
  • Hiring recognized curriculum leaders to provide instructional leadership 
  • Utilizing local sites easily accessible for the learning 
  • Offering York’s full end-to-end learning management services  
  • Providing a multi-point support system for learners and instructors 
  • Fulfilling regulatory reporting obligations and records management requirements 

Our unique fully customized learning solutions are available to schools, school boards and professional organizations across Ontario. 

What We Offer

As an accredited provider of OCT regulated courses, York offers customized programs to meet local District needs. 

  • Choose from more than 90 different AQs/ABQs/PQP courses 
  • Select either online, in class or blended formats 
  • Modify delivery dates and times to align with your teachers’ schedules 
  • Accommodate District subsidies to support teacher learning 
  • Utilize local schools accessible to all participants 
  • Hire recognized District curriculum leaders to provide instructional leadership 

Educators can select any 25-hour module in the Modular Math P/J five module series. Or complete all five modules within 2 years to be recommended to the OCT for the Mathematics P/J, Part 1 AQ. 

Module Series includes: 

  • Focus on Counting: Developing Pedagogical Content Knowledge of Counting 
  • Transitioning from Counting to Addition 
  • Inquiring about Subtraction 
  • From Additive to Multiplicative Thinking 
  • Relationships among the Operations 
  • Certificates 

These 25- or 36-hour courses build educator professional capacity and enhance student engagement. 

  • Offered online or in blended format 
  • Allow a manageable time commitment 
  • Provide an immediate opportunity for direct classroom application 
  • Earn participants a York University Professional Learning Certificate 
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The Partner Experience

Hear how our custom solutions helped our partners.

Professional Learning has been providing AQ, ABQ, certificate and modular courses since 1990 and is proud to provide customized professional learning solutions across Ontario for schools, school boards and other educational groups. See what our partners say about how our solutions have helped them address their organizations learning goals. 

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Get Started

Tell us what your goals are, and we’ll create your solution. 

The Faculty of Education’s Professional Learning team provides practical, high-impact and effective learning courses that address the unique challenges faced by your school, educational organization or community group by delivering innovative solutions to traditional problems; by focusing on human relationships and new perspectives and by pushing learning far beyond the classroom walls. 

Contact Professional Learning to explore options and opportunities.   

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