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Standard Course Fees

The University reserves the right to change fees and refund policies without notice. 

  • AQ Course Tuition: $685 
  • ABQ Course Tuition: $735 
  • Honour Specialist: $750 
  • PQP Course Tuition: $950 
  • PQP (Independent School Focus) Course Tuition: $1050 
  • PQP Practicum Late Submission Fee: $250 
  • French Proficiency Test Fee: $50 
  • Academic Record (Transcript): $15 each; additional fees for courier services 


  • Aim to submit your PQP Practicum within 2 years of completing PQP, Part 1, to avoid late fees. 
  • A late fee of $250 is applied before a late Practicum can be reviewed and may also involve:  
    • documentation to substantiate and explain the late submission 
    • resubmission of a new Proposal 


Deadline to Apply to AQ Courses: 

  • One week prior to start date 

Course Cancellations 

  • Decisions are made immediately following the registration deadline date 
  • If your course is impacted, our office will email you of the cancellation. 
  • You will receive a full refund for a cancelled course, including the non-refundable amounts. 

Deadline to Withdraw from AQ Courses: 

  • Within the first week of scheduled classes, unless otherwise posted.  
  • Check your York University Confirmation email for specific dates.  
  • Withdrawal penalty fees apply.