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Graduate Program in Education: Language, Culture and Teaching

The Graduate Program in Education: Language, Culture & Teaching is internationally known for its interdisciplinary and innovative approach to engaging the most pressing educational research, ideas, and issues of our time. For over twenty-five years, the program has supported researchers, scholars and students to advance ground-breaking thinking, studies, and policies in education...

Graduate Degrees

Graduate Diplomas

Meet a Grad Student: Gilary Massa

"My experience in the not-for-profit and advocacy sectors has taught me that even the best of people struggle with really understanding how to embed principles of anti-oppression into their day to day operations..."

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Meet a Grad Student: Mirco Stella

"To prospective graduate students I say to get involved with your local graduate student organizations and community as well as participating committees..."

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Meet a Grad Student: Zaitun Pwin

"My advice is always believe in yourself and listen to your heart," she says. "Most of the answers lie in you because this journey is about you and what you want to contribute to the community..."


Meet a Grad Student: Brittany Tomin

"Young people are constantly inundated with images of destruction, take climate change for example, and many of my students felt helpless and overwhelmed by fear..."

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Important Dates

Application Deadline Dates
Master of Education (MEd)
Full-time Applicants - March 15, 2024
Part-time Applicants - March 15, 2024
Full-time Applicants - December 15, 2023
Part-time Applicants - December 15, 2023
Graduate Diplomas
February 15, 2024

Studying at York’s Faculty of Education, I was encouraged to critically examine the meaning of education, culture and identity in a post-modern and global world.

— Mohamed Duale (Doctoral candidate)