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Master of Education (MEd) - Urban Indigenous Education Cohort

Developed in collaboration with the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) Urban Indigenous Education Centre, the Faculty of Education at York University is offering a Master of Education (MEd) Cohort with a focus on Urban Indigenous Issues to a special cohort of part-time students. This cohort in the MEd is in response to the need for knowledge and understanding of First Nations, MĂ©tis, and Inuit cultures, histories and perspectives. Admission to this program is generally completed every two years. The next cohort will start in September 2023.


Indigenous people are often rendered invisible in a bustling multicultural cityscape. The impact for Indigenous children, youth and their families is frequently one of alienation. Students in urban settings confront particular challenges including: not being recognized as Indigenous students; not seeing themselves represented in the teaching population; and not seeing themselves represented in the curriculum. They attend school despite a long, negative and hurtful relationship between Indigenous people and schooling.

In urban settings, school board administrators, teachers, employees and other service providers for Indigenous people may confront challenges, including: identification of Indigenous students; delivery of programs; and a lack of knowledge and understanding of urban indigeneity, Indigenous students’ experiences, and the complexities of teaching Indigenous subject material. This program takes these challenges seriously. This special cohort in the MEd program, focuses on Urban Indigenous Education as an area of study and the integration of Indigenous subject material across the curriculum. Admission to this program is completed every two years.

Classes are intended to be held at the *Kapapamahchakwew - Wandering Spirit School located in downtown Toronto at 16 Phin Ave (Donlands & Danforth). The location is easily accessible by subway.

Program Benefits

  • Gain knowledge and an understanding of urban indigeneity
  • Develop the critical analytical skills needed for teaching and learning about Indigenous people within urban contexts
  • Develop the expertise to respond to the varied experiences and perspectives of Indigenous people
  • Develop an understanding of the relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Canada


*Courses that are intended to be taken by the cohort include:

  • EDUC 5120 6.0 Theory and Research in Language, Culture and Teaching
  • EDUC 5611 3.0 Indigenous Ways of Knowing
  • EDUC 5225 3.0 (de)Colonizing Research Methodologies

*subject to change

How to Apply

The next cohort will start in Fall 2023. Application deadline is January 15, 2023.

NOTE: There is not a special application for this cohort. Applicants must indicate that they are applying to the MEd Urban Indigenous Education cohort on the top of their application.

Click here for admission requirements to the MEd.