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Academic Petitions and Grade Reappraisal

Academic Petitions 

A petition is a written request for the waiver of a Faculty's academic regulation or deadline. Before initiating a petition, you are advised to review the university’s  Academic Petitions information and the University and Faculty rules and regulations in the Undergraduate Calendars and Financial Petition.

As a Faculty of Education (BA Educational Studies or/and Bachelor of Education) student prior to initiating a petition, you must book an appointment with a Faculty of Education, Academic Advisor(s) to review your petition options.

If you experience extremely difficult circumstances (e.g., death of an immediate family member or serious documented medical problems), which lead you to drop your courses after a refund deadline, you may request a credit/refund of your course fees by appending a Financial Petition as part of your academic petition package submission. Financial Petitions are adjudicated by Student Financial Services, not by Faculty petitions committees.

The Faculty of Education Academic Petition form is only for students enrolled in the BA Educational Studies program and/or the Bachelor of Education portion of their degree. If you are a Concurrent (BEd) student submitting a petition for the undergraduate portion of your degree (i.e. Sociology) you must connect with your undergraduate academic advising office (i.e. Liberal Arts and Professional Studies).

Submitting an Academic Petition

1. You must ensure all documentation is submitted correctly as this can cause a delay with your petition.
2. The timeline for petitions is between 4-8 weeks, longer if there is a delay with providing the required documentation.
3. If you submit the petition and are not a student with the Faculty of Education, you risk delaying/jeopardizing your petition as confidentiality requirements will NOT allow for forwarding submissions to other faculties.

For further information:

Grade Reappraisal 

Faculty of Education students may, with sufficient academic grounds, request that a final grade in an assignment or course be reappraised. Students should first contact the Course Director to discuss the grade received and to request that their tangible work be reviewed. Tangible work may include written, graphic, digitized, modelled, video recording or audio recording formats, but not oral work.

Submitting a Grade Reappraisal request per Senate approved deadline. University principles for grade reappraisal can be found at

*The Senate approved deadline for submitting grade reappraisals is February 15 for fall term grades, June 15 for fall/winter session and winter term grades, September 30 for summer session grades, or a minimum of 21 days from the release of grades, whichever is later.

To submit a request for a grade re-appraisal in the Faculty of Education, review, complete and submit the attached form and submit the relevant documents to