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Tips when approving expense claims

What to look for ...

  • Are all expenses supported by itemized receipts?
  • Does the expense claim provide an explanation of the nature of the expense?
  • Are the expenses business in nature?
  • Are there exceptions to the policies that require additional explanations?
  • Do all deviations to policy/procedure have advance approval from a Dean, Assistant or Associate Vice-President?
  • Was the expense claim submitted in a timely basis from the date the expense was incurred. Refer to the Deadlines for Submission of Expenses.
  • If an accountable advance has been assigned to the expense has it been properly applied to the expense report to settle the advance?
  • Has an appropriate account number been provided and is there sufficient funds remaining in the cost centre to cover the expenditures?

What does my signature mean?

  1. When you sign an expense claim you are confirming that the expenses were incurred on behalf of the University business.
  2. You are certifying that the expenses were reviewed and all information attached to the best of the approver's knowledge is accurate, correct and complete.
  3. You are confirming that the expenses listed on the claim are in accordance with University policies and procedures.