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FGSnews (e-newsletter) Submission Guidelines

FGSnews is a monthly newsletter produced by the Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS) that is sent to all active graduate community members through York's constituent relationship management (CRM) system. The newsletter encapsulates information for our graduate community and campus partners; which includes key dates, important information, relevant news stories, financial opportunities, scholarships and awards, events of interest, and ways for grad students and postdocs to enhance their experience while here at York. The newsletter is created in digest format with links to more information. Newsletters are archived on the FGSnews website with the current term and previous term of all three editions available so visitors can review prior versions of the newsletter.


The newsletter is aimed at all current graduate students and postdoctoral visitors/fellows in the CRM system for the current term; along with our graduate Faculty partners – i.e. graduate program directors, graduate program assistants, operation managers, and graduate associate deans.

Distribution Schedule

FGSnews is generally distributed on the last Thursday of each month showcasing information for month upcoming.

Submission Protocols and Deadlines

A Call for Submissions email is sent out two Fridays before the Thursday publication date to graduate community and campus partners. All submissions must be sent to by 4:00pm Friday preceding the Thursday publication date. Submissions received after this time will not be included in the newsletter. Submissions should be no more than three–four lines (roughly equivalent to 360 characters) and should include a link where possible. Submissions should be AODA compliant. If it’s appropriate, content may be featured in more than one edition of FGSnews.

There is no guarantee your submission will be published. Content is placed within the body of the newsletter at the publisher’s discretion.

Themes and Subject Matter

Content to be included in FGSnews must be relevant to a large portion of graduate students and/or postdoctoral visitors/fellows.

Topical themes include:

  • Graduate student news;
  • Institutional announcements;
  • Connecting, including how to connect (e.g. YUGSA) and why to connect (benefits), program-level events;
  • Graduate & Postdoctoral Professional Skills (GPPS)
  • Learning skills and academic supports (teaching commons, libraries, writing centre, learning commons);
  • Health and wellness, including mental health, child care, sport (recreation), and getting active (e.g. yoga, walking);
  • Funding, scholarships and awards;
  • Important dates (related to academic calendar, milestone deadlines, records and University closures);
  • International including exchanges;
  • York reputation, including grad student/faculty/postdoc accomplishments, what we do well and alumni stories; and
  • Grad student support (accessibility, counselling, community education, etc.).

Subject matter includes:

  • Events (exhibits, screenings, talent shows, productions, etc.);
  • Important dates and deadlines relating to grad students’ academic and financial activities;
  • York themed campaigns;
  • Institutional surveys engaging grad student participation; and
  • Guests speakers, symposiums, conferences, workshops, webinars open to grad students.

FGSnews does not accept submissions for:

  • Events not affiliated with York University;
  • Soliciting participation in university-related assignments, coursework or research projects; (personal course projects, studies, surveys or clinical trials); or
  • Commercial projects or initiatives for monetary gain (selling items or services).

Language Supported

Submissions in French are welcome, but you must also provide an English translation.

Tone and Voice

FGSnews submissions are non-promotional, adopting a “tell not sell” tone. They should be informative, educational, entertaining, timely and relevant.

Submission Request Format

All submissions must include the following event information:

  • Date;
  • Time;
  • Location; and
  • URL/hyperlink to more information.

In the case of a survey with no specified end date, the survey will be featured once in the main body of the newsletter. Submissions without a link will not be accepted.

If linking to a Zoom link, a registration or landing page must be created to ensure privacy and information security. Please refer to the Information Security page for recommendations on how to set up a secure Zoom meeting.


FGSnews submissions should be three–four lines (approximately 360 characters). Once submitted the content may be edited by FGSnews staff to suit the editorial style of the newsletter.


We want to hear from you! We welcome all feedback about the FGSnews newsletter and the website. Let us know how we can improve by emailing

A group of people having conversation while looking at a laptop

A group of people having conversation while looking at a laptop