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Student Award in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion—Senior Women Academic Administrators of Canada


This award will be offered annually to a woman university or college student* who advances equity, diversity and inclusion within and/or outside their institution through outstanding dedication and excellence or community outreach and activism. academic records.


  • $4,000


Women registered in Master's or PhD programs at any Member Institution of Universities Canada within a designated region are eligible to be nominated. Regions and number of awards are defined as follows, and eligibility shall rotate among them:

  • Ontario (2023)  
  • Western Provinces (2024)
  • Quebec (2025) 
  • Atlantic Provinces (2026)

Deadline (internal deadline for York nomination)

  • November 20


  1. Strong academic performance
  2. Evidence of leadership, including but not limited to such things as:
    • executive positions in student organizations;
    • participation on committees (student committees and university committees);
    • organization of special events, conferences, etc.;
    • involvement in advocacy groups;
    • involvement in volunteer organizations, within the campus setting and/or in the general community.

How to Apply

Required Documents

  • biographical data**
  • curriculum vitae
  • academic records
  • three letters of reference or endorsement of the candidate. The applicant must ask for the appraisals to be transmitted electronically directly to the Scholarship & Awards Coordinator

**biographical information usually includes information about former and current studies,  areas of interest, research, publications, other awards, interests outside the university, and community or volunteer work.  It's usually in a narrative form, about 1-2 pages in length, and is an opportunity for the nominee to tell the adjudication committee some things about herself, and to explain at greater length her background/interests/passions/ambitions/volunteer work.


  • Assemble (in order of required documents listed above) and submit an electronic application package to the Scholarship & Awards Coordinator;
  • The FGS Awards Committee will select one nominee to be forwarded to the Senior Women Academic Administrators of Canada by January 17. All applicants will be notified of the nomination result by the end of January.

*Diversity Statement

​SWAAC is committed to prioritizing equity in this application process. We especially encourage applications/nominations from students who identify as LGBTQ+, racialized, Indigenous and/or students with disabilities to apply for this award.

Please visit the award program website for more information.


  • If you require further assistance, please contact our Research Officer or Scholarship & Awards Coordinator by visiting our FGS Staff Directory.