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Missed Test Form

The Faculty of Health has a standard form for students to fill out when they would like to request to write a missed test for Faculty of Health course(s): global health (IHST), health studies (HLST), kinesiology & health science (KINE), nursing (NURS), and psychology (PSYC). If you were unable to write a mid-term examination in a Health course that was not held during the formal examination period, alternate arrangements may be made by filling out this form.

Note: Use of this form is up to the course director.

Appropriate supporting documentation must be provided with any request to write a make-up test. In the absence of a legitimate documented reason for missing a test, students requests may be denied.

Missed Test Documentation Form

Note: If you are unable to write a final examination during the formal examination period or submit outstanding course work on the last day of classes, please refer to the Deferred Standing Agreement policy located at: