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Enterprise Systems

This new stream was launched in 2019 to support IEPs who want to pursue a career in the business process management and enterprise systems.  The program includes courses introducing participants to systems analysis and design and then specialized courses in business process management, ERP configuration and enterprise architecture.

Specialized Courses

An overview of current generic IT solutions used to support business processes in organizations. An emphasis is placed on the analysis of those business processes, how to improve them and how to connect them with the appropriate IT solutions available. Prerequisites: AP/ITEC 1000 3.00, AP/ITEC 1010 3.00, AP/ITEC 1620 3.00, AP/ITEC 2610 3.00, AP/ITEC 2620 3.00, SC/MATH 1190 3.00, SC/MATH 2320 3.00, SC/MATH 2565 3.00., AP/ITEC 3010 3.00, AP/ITEC 3220 3.00. Course credit exclusion: GL/ITEC 4030 3.00. PRIOR TO FALL 2014: Prerequisites: General prerequisites; AP/ITEC 3010 3.00; AP/ITEC 3220 3.00 or LE/CSE 3421 3.00. Course credit exclusion: GL/ITEC 4030 3.00. PRIOR TO SUMMER 2013: Prerequisites: General prerequisites; AP/ITEC 3010 3.00; AP/ITEC 3220 3.00 or SC/CSE 3421 3.00. Course credit exclusion: GL/ITEC 4030 3.00.

Focuses on tailoring the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to meet the needs of a particular organization. A theoretical component, where a model-driven pattern-based approach is used to analyze requirements and understand the industry's best practices, is combined with a practical/lab component in which students implement the actual configuration in a popular ERP infrastructure.

Introduces the basic concepts of Enterprise Architecture (EA) via in-depth examination of a specific framework for practicing (TOGAF) and modeling (Archimate) EA. Additional topics include architectural decision making, business continuity, integration patterns, related management frameworks with a focus on security, service oriented architecture (SOA), content management and information architecture. Prerequisites: ITEC 3010 3.00 Open to: ITEC Honours, Majors, Minors; BCom ITEC Not open to: ITEC General (90 credit degree program)

Elective Courses 

IT students must have taken a total of 6 credits (i.e. 2 courses) as electives subject to the following conditions. The following stream specific courses must be taken before your specialized courses as your electives if they were not waived in your pre-requisite waiver form: 

  • AP/ITEC 3010 System Analysis and Design I (3.0) 
  • One 3 Credit course – can be any 3000/4000 level undergraduate courses from AP/ADMS, AP/ITEC or LE/CSE 

If you are not required to take the above electives, then you must take 6.00 credits as electives, according to the following guideline: 

  • Any undergraduate 3.0 credit course from AP/ADMS, AP/ITEC or SC/CSE.  
  • At least one 3.0 credit course that must be at a 3000/4000 level selected from the courses listed below (or an equivalent course-subject to the pre-approval of the School of ITEC) unless a prerequisite is required.

Suggested AP/ITEC Elective courses at the 3000/4000 level:  

  • AP/ITEC 3010 System Analysis and Design I (3.0) 
  • AP/ITEC 3220 Using and Designing Database Systems (3.0) 
  • AP/ADMS 3502 Introduction to Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Applications (3.0)
  • AP/ITEC 3505 Information Technology Project Management (3.0) (Recommended)  
  • AP/ITEC 3500 IT Risk Management (3.0) 
  • AP/ITEC 4010 System Analysis and Design II (3.0) 
  • AP/ITEC 4020 Internet Client-Server Systems and Networks (3.0) 
  • AP/ITEC 4030 Business Process Management Systems (3.0) 
  • AP/ITEC 4040 Requirement Management (3.0) 
  • AP/ITEC 4101 Business Integration Technologies 
  • AP/ITEC 4220 Modern Approaches to Data Management (3.)  
  • AP/ITEC 4230 Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence (3.0) 
  • AP/ITEC 4305 Web Mining (3.0) 
  • AP/ITEC 4050 ERP Systems Configuration (3.0)