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Course Enrolment

After completing an orientation and the Jumpstart program, IEP students will be required to self-register for Foundation and/or Specialized courses. Before enrolling you will be provided with information to help you identify required courses for your program and navigate the registration process.

Program Structure

Not sure what courses to enrol in? Refer to the program structure page or contact us at

Pre-requisite Waiver Form

Most upper level courses offered in the Faculty of LA&PS (2000-4000) have pre-requisite(s). The IEP Academic Director will review your transcript to ensure you have successfully completed the pre-requisites in your previous studies and provide you with a IEP Pre-requisite Waiver Form. The waiver form represents a list of the most common pre-requisite courses required for upper level courses. Each academic unit still reverses the right to make a final request for further information from students.

Courses must be in ADMS, ITEC PPAS, or HRM. To learn more, please refer to the Course Selection Website for a full list of courses, their descriptions and availability

Course Registration Error Messages

While registering for courses, you may get error messages such as "Remaining seats are reserved" or "Course is Full." Please review instructions under each below to learn how to proceed in each case. 

Full courses typically mean there are no remaining spaces left in the course. If you are determined to get into the course, you must continue to check the course website to see if spaces become available. Students often add and drop courses frequently in the first two weeks of class so there is a chance spaces can open and you can enrol. Students can use the enrolment system to add a course up until the last day to enrol without the permission of the course instructor. Check important dates and be aware of key deadlines.

This means that remaining spaces are held for allocation by the department offering the course. To enrol into a restricted course, email the department and request permission to register. Use the email template provided in the IEP Handbook. Note once you get permission from the department you will need to enrol in the course within 24 hours or it will expire.

Below are list of departments offering specialized courses and their contact information:


YorkU Courses Website

Find the courses you need to complete your program requirements and how to enrol in them.

Academic Calendar

This site contains important key dates such as class start date, course drop deadline before having academic penalties, holidays and more.


Your instructors use this platform to post course materials, assignments and grades.

Find my Professor

Familiarize yourself with your professors and their work as you get ready to join their classes.


Your courses will include multiple examinations to test your knowledge and skills.


Get help with filing an academic petition, where to send it, types of petitions available and requirements, deadlines and forms and how to check your petition status.