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York University's Bridging Program for Internationally Educated Professionals (IEPs) prepares professionals to be job-ready. It ensures they have the skills and qualifications to make a positive impact in the Canadian workplace.

Our students complete courses to ensure their soft skills and specialized knowledge are top notch. They also engage in ongoing professional development throughout the program. We access prospective students' English language skills. To join, students must be over CLB 8. We support them in further developing their language skills as they study.


of our students are newcomers entitled to work in Canada.


have six or more years of global professional work experience.


of our candidates hold Master's degrees in their respective fields.


countries represented, bringing together international perspectives & language skills.

Are you looking for a diverse pool of talented professionals for your next project, co-op or full-time position?

Our program can provide a customized and no cost recruitment service to your company offering you pre-screened and job-ready candidates saving you both time and money. We will provide you with recruitment support free of cost, including giving you:

Advertise job opportunities free of charge 

Access pre-screened and job-ready candidates

Get free and exclusive access to our student recruitment events

Highlight your company brand to IEP students

Offer your staff volunteer and mentoring opportunities

Hire an IEP student today!

Don’t miss out on gaining a competitive edge. Partner with us for your talent needs. Email us at

They have come to this country to establish themselves, to grow roots, but also to bring their skills. New businesses and start-ups are looking for those people who bring skillsets that they don't already have, who really want to make a difference and an impact on their local community and most importantly for their family.

— Scott Bowman,
Senior Director, Ontario, Futurpreneur Canada

Our Programs

Foundation Program

This program helps IEPs prepare for the Canadian workplace, improve their communication skills and transition effectively to the local workplace. Networking opportunities also available.

Certificate in Canadian Business

Business certificate students allows IEPs to take advanced courses in accounting, finance, management, marketing and public administration.

Certificate in Information Technology

IT certificate students take advanced courses in system analysis, big data, enterprise systems; and application development.


Email us at for more information.