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Access the resources and supports you need to successfully apply for graduation from your program. Find out how to order a transcript, get a letter of completion or join our graduation success events. After graduating, stay connected, volunteer to speak at our class or events and share your experience with future students.

Alumni who need a letter confirming their program participation can email

Apply to Graduate

Foundation Program

To graduate in this program, you must have successfully completed Jumpstart to Success and achieved a minimum of 50% grade in the two Foundations courses (6.0 credits) in your stream.

The IEP office organizes an event to celebrate your achievements. We provide you with a Certificate of Completion, a letter listing your completed courses, description of the program and any other component of the program that you completed (Career Coaching or Saturday Language Classes).

You may also order a transcript to reflect the grades received for completed credit courses. 

Certificate Program

To graduate with the IEP Professional certificate in Business or Information Technology, you must:  

  • Complete 24 credits  
  • Fulfill the requirements per each program stream
  • You must also have an overall GPA of 4.0  

If you have fulfilled all requirements to graduate with the IEP certificate by April 2021, follow these steps:

Before filling out the Application to Graduate form, students will be asked to provide the following:

  • Course codes, titles and grades from each course. Students can log-in under the Current Student website to view or print a list of courses and grades they have taken towards the IEP certificate.
  • Grade Point Average (GPA). You will be asked to provide your overall Grade Point Average, calculate it ahead of time by using the GPA calculator.
  • Verify Your Official Name. Your full legal name, as shown on the Student Information System, is what is used on official University documents, such as transcripts and diplomas. Please ensure that we have your correct legal name as this is what will appear on your certificate.
  • Additional Supporting Documents (optional). If you have an email or a signed form approving a course replacement or substitution replacing a required course in the IEP certificate, you will have the option to upload .doc or .pdf documents supporting the replacement or substitution.

After filling the application to graduate form, you will receive an email copy of the form you filled out.

Note: If you have an overdue balance on your student financial account, the University will not issue your Official University Certificate until that amount is fully paid off. If you have debts we can still however Graduate you in York’s system and provide you with a letter of completion to include courses and grades where required. For any in-dept financial related questions please email us at and our budget staff will get back to you in early January.

In the case you would like to take additional courses beyond 24 credits you can do so by applying as a visiting student to York University.

Celebrate Success

The IEP Program office organizes a Celebrate Success Event to recognize students who have completed the IEP certificate or who obtained career success. The event is held every two years and invites all IEP alumni to celebrate and recognize their achievements. Other university leaders, instructors, partners, program staff, and alumni family and friends are also welcome.

Volunteer with Us

Get involved by volunteering at an event. There are often opportunities to share your experience as a newcomer, how the IEP Bridging Program impacted your life or share your professional knowledge with new IEP students. Let us know if you would like to become a speaker in our Foundations Courses, Events or just support IEP students to network.

Keep in Touch

We are always happy to hear from you. Stop by to say hello or send us an email to let us know how you are doing. You can reach us at Inform us of your career success to help us capture the impact of the IEP Program. Please complete a job updates and share your story.