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1993 Season

Season Staff:

Nancy Accinelli, Executive Producer
Fredrick H. Thury, Artistic Director
Matthew Schmider, Associate Producer, Public Relations
Jeff Keay, Public Relations 
Mark Easey, Technical Director
Sherma Mitchell, Business Manager



February 3 - 6, 1993
Vanier College Hall

Lysistrata is an ancient Greek comedy by Aristophanes, originally performed in classical Athens in 411 BC. It is a comic account of a woman's extraordinary mission to end the Peloponnesian War between Greek city states by denying all the men of the land any sex, which was the only thing they truly and deeply desired.

Written by Aristophanes
Music and Lyrics by Fredrick H. Thury with Anthony Krasznai and Oren Gelb

Directed by Fredrick H. Thury
Assistant Directed by Jennifer Podemski
Choreographed by Alexis Thury
Stage Managed by Maggie Borch
Assistant Stage Managed by Soto Tsomokos, Alison Hird, and Carol McKeegan

Set Designed by Mark Easey
Lighting Designed by Chad Hyams
Assistant Lighting Designed by Jessica Steinberg
Sound Designed by Anthony Krasznai and Catherine Stephens
Props Designed by Ted Hyde
Costume Designed by Andrea Nemeth
Costume Designer Assisted by Michelle Bennett
Makeup Managed by Darryl Bautista
Set Decoration Designed by Sharon Huckle
Follow Spot Operated by Jerry Lo
Shoe Designed and Constructed by Nancy Prochuk
Photographed by Dawn Frankland
Poster Designed by Craig Hermason

Barbara Middleton as Stratyllis/Polysius
Cameron Gourley as Comissioner Absyrtion
Darryl Bautista as Heakelese
David Crawford as Lykor/Hecubus
Debra Felstead as Stryden/Apnea
Denise Tanti as Aurelia/Delias
Grant Hawkins as Kinesias/Contsable Kornelious
Jeff Ironi as Phaidrias/Aristotle
Jennifer Newby as Phorem/Teklis
John Beers as Potimus/Phredilem
John Fetherston as Herald Pornoi
Karyn Lane as Analesia/Ismenea
Larry Bianco as Constable Agryros/Pakos
Laura Battaglia as Olivia/Diana
Laura Earl as Sheaklese
Lina Garcia as Lampito
Mark Chilton as Hippotinous/Sotirious
Miriam Elmaleh as Kalonike
Sean Stanley as Icarus/Helios
Teresa Christie as Myrrhine
Theresa Brown as Lysistrata
Keyboard played by Paul Pace
Drums played by Oren Gelb
Bass played by Randy Hall
Mark Easey, Maggie Borch, Chad Hyams, Grant Hawkins, Ted Hyde, Sean Stanley, Sara Thury, Sharon Huckle, Jenn Bell, David Lamb, Catherine Stephens, Andrea Nemeth, Michelle Bennett, Minoli Fernandez, Kelly Mendelsohn, Francesca Accinelli, Malcom R. Steane, and Jessica Steinberg

FOH Staff: 
Matt Schmider, Steve Hamann, Amy Cumming, Sara Dermer, and R. Jeremic