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Our Policies

What is the Writing Centre's Code of Conduct?

We strive to be a safe space on campus. Any conduct that is in contravention of the Community Standards for Student Conduct may result in loss of privileges at the Writing Centre.

Can a writing instructor proofread or edit my paper?

In the context of our various programs, we will happily discuss grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, word choice and verb tense. We will propose revisions in ways that support your development as an effective proofreader.

What happens if I miss or cancel within three hours of my appointment?

We require three hours notice for cancellation, although exceptions are made for emergencies. If you have three no-shows or late cancellations in a term, you may be blocked from booking additional one-to-one writing support appointments.

Can I wear cologne, perfume or other fragranced products at the Writing Centre?

Many of our writing instructors have severe allergies to fragrances. Please refrain from wearing or applying any fragranced products while visiting us–you may unwittingly cause someone to have a severe allergic reaction. We thank you for your conscientious compliance with this request.

How frequently can I use the Writing Centre's services?

  • Writing workshops: You are encouraged to attend as many writing workshops as you can.
  • Learning Commons’ Q&A: You are invited to use one 15-minute session per day depending on availability. This service is offered on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • One-to-one writing support: You are invited to use one 50-minute appointment per week, either face-to-face at the Writing Centre or online via video chat.
  • Drop-in Support in the Writing Workspace: You are invited to work in the drop-in program as much or as little as they want. Instructors will be available to answer questions and provide some guidance as you write.
  • Online Paper Submission: Eligible students are invited to submit one paper per week.