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Multilingual Studio

The Multilingual Studio offers a welcoming space for you as a multilingual student to develop your reading, writing and critical thinking skills. It's an an opportunity to engage your multilingual abilities in enhancing your understanding of the genres and conventions of academic writing.

You will meet once a week for two to three hours for 11 weeks to learn and practice reading and writing strategies, get expert advice on how to incorporate effective academic moves in your written work, learn alongside motivated peers, and exchange ideas and learn from each other.

One session is available for the Winter 2022 term: Fridays at 2:00 pm.

Our Studio is an inclusive, collaborative and interactive space. Our specialist instructor Dunja Baus uses a learning-through-doing experiential approach to promote an active and critical approach to key academic skills.

Join Our New Grammar workshop series, Grammar On!!! 

We often think of grammar as a series of scary rules about “what-not-to-do,” but, in reality, grammar is a tool that you can use to write more effective sentences and increase your range of syntactical choices. This Thursday we begin our “Grammar On!” series of workshops. Zoom in every Thursday at 10:30am and learn how to use grammar with confidence! 

This workshop is open to all students who want to learn to construct effective and beautiful sentences that say what you want them to say.  

Join us every Thursday

10:30 AM EST

Workshop 1: Are You Clause-trophobic?

If thinking about independent and dependent clauses gives you clausetrophobia, step out of your zoom-room and into ours this Thursday for a fun and engaging lesson on clauses, and how to make them move!

Workshop 2: Feeling Comma-tose?

Then comma on out of the Winter Blues to learn about commas, commas, and commas, and how to use them in your expertly!  

Workshop 3: A Tense Time

Do you feel tense when you think about time? Then make time this week to come talk about the 13 ways of Looking at Time in English sentences! In this Thursday’s Grammar On!, you’ll not only learn how to time-travel in your academic essays, but you’ll also discover that the past and present are both “simple” and “perfect”.  

Workshop 5: It's All Correlative!

Let’s connect and correlate! Come to this week’s Grammar On! to learn how the correlative conjunctions add focus and force to your sentences.  

Workshop 7: It's not that pizzazz-y, I'm out of pizzazz

A lot of us are confused about when to use “that” and when to use “which”. “Which” might sound fancier in a sentence, but it’s not always your best grammatical choice. Come to this week’s Grammar On! and learn how – and when - to use “that” and “which” with purpose and pizzazz.

Workshop 8: Verb that Noun!

Are you in the habit of disguising perfectly good verbs in those bloated drag-your-sentence-to-a-slow-and-heavy-crawl nouns called nominalizations? Come to this week’s Grammar On! and learn how to quicken the pulse and the pace of your sentences. Come learn how to verb that noun!!  

Workshop 10: Power Hour #10

Punctuation matters: It is impact; it is music – it is swagger and style. Zoom in to this week’s Grammar On! and learn how to punctuate your sentences with rhetorical and persuasive purpose. 

Workshop 4: Passive Active

Let’s Get Active! (And, of course, Passive, too, but with a Purpose.)

Unsure about when to use Active Voice or Passive Voice in your academic essays? Come to this Thursday’s Grammar On! and learn how to use voice with purpose and confidence! 

Workshop 6: What's This?

Name that this! 

Which this?  

That this.   

Wait, whuuut? 

That this there. Name that this.   

But to which this are you referring?  

That one: name that this. 

This is going nowhere.  Exactly.

Workshop 9: Power Hour #9

Come learn how to put some agency and attitude into academic writing! In this week’s grammar power-hour, I’ll introduce you to metadiscursive moves that matter from a grammatical and rhetorical perspective - believe me, these moves will add flex to your academic muscle!   

Hear Multilingual Specialist Dunja Baus speak about the Multilingual Studio

Space is limited in the Multilingual Studio. If you’re interested in signing up, follow these steps:

  • Register with the Writing Centre, then sign in. You'll see the Writing Centre Schedule displayed.
  • Click on the drop-down arrow beside "Writing Centre Schedule" and select "Multilingual Studio".
  • Friday, 1:30 - 4:30

As an alternative to joining through our online system, you can contact Writing Centre Coordinator James Robertson at