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Live Appointments

Monday through Thursday, students can choose to attend their 50-minute live appointment in-person or virtually. While on Friday and Saturday, all Writing Centre services are fully remote.

We strongly recommend you to wear a good-quality mask if you choose to attend your appointment in-person. For online appointments, ensure that you have a stable internet connection.

To schedule a chat, you must be registered and sign into our online booking system.

When it is time for your appointment to begin, either visit the Writing Centre on South 311 Ross to attend an in-person session or log in to the online booking system. Click on your appointment slot and and select “Start or join online consultation.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Choose a writing instructor and time slot (up to two-weeks in advance) that work best for you using our online booking system.

Although you can receive helpful support from any of our writing instructors, we recommend that you find an instructor with expertise in the subject area within which you’re working.

In the online booking system, you can use the “Limit to” dialogue box at the top of the schedule to view the instructors who have expertise in an area of study (Humanities, Social Sciences, Fine Arts, STEM, etc.). In addition, each instructor’s personal bio will help guide your decision. You can access information about our writing instructors directly in the online booking system by clicking on available appointment slots.

We encourage you to develop a professional relationship with one or two writing instructors with whom you can work on developing your writing as a sustained project.

You can book one session per week, and can choose the same instructor each time, or choose different instructors for each type of assignment. It’s up to you!

Sessions last up to 50 minutes.

In order to make your appointment as productive as possible, we encourage you to bring the assignment question(s), a printed copy of your draft (if you have begun to write) or any notes or drafting you’ve done, the course outline, and any relevant information about the course themes or readings.

We are happy to work with you at any stage of the writing process, even if you have not yet written anything.

Yes. During peak periods in Fall and Winter terms, one of our writing instructors is on standby between 10:30am and 3:20pm for 20-minute drop in sessions. These sessions now typically take place in our Writing Workspace for Drop-in & Guided Writing (S312). In the event that that space is closed for a workshop, check in with reception.

We are happy to use this time to answer a couple of questions, or give you some feedback on a couple of paragraphs of your essay. This is a great way to get help with smaller, more specific issues that don’t require a full 50-minute appointment.

To cancel your appointment, log into the online booking system, click on your appointment, and select the “Cancel this appointment” option.

To make a late cancellation (within 24 hours of your appointment time), please call Reception at 416-736-2100 x 55134. Review our policies & procedures regarding late cancellations and missed appointments.

We will happily discuss grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, word choice and verb tense. We will not make corrections for you, but will propose revisions in ways that support your development as an effective editor of your work. We are not usually able to read student papers in their entirety within a single appointment. To accommodate, we also have a paper submission option with a 24-hour turnaround.

Come to see us at any stage in the writing process – you don’t need to have an essay written.

In fact, the best time to meet can often be before you’ve started to write. Just bring the assignment instructions, and we can talk about what it means, how to approach the topic, strategies for research and methods of argument.


For general inquiries, email us at