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Student Guide to Group Work

This NEW online resource provides everything you need to know to master the art of working in groups at university, with helpful videos, information, tips, templates and resources.

Benefits of group work, include:

  • Bringing different strengths & approaches to work on ​a common goal benefits both the project and each ​individual’s learning.
  • Collaborative work at university teaches both  the content you are studying and how to work effectively in a team.

For a group to succeed, there must be:​

  • Clear shared goals and timelines​
  • Clear structure and understanding of roles

Group members must:​

  • Respect one another​
  • Communicate, cooperate, resolve conflicts​
  • Delegate​
  • Trust​
  • Work hard; pull their weight​
  • Meet group deadlines; be accountable

Tips for Working in Groups

  • Establish ground rules​
  • Determine what success looks like​
  • Establish group roles​
  • Communicate, listen, resolve conflict​
  • Show up, be fully present​
  • Be prepared, do the work

Additional Resources

Group Work Contract (pdf)Sample template for creating a group work contract.
Group Work Personal Skills Reflection (pdf)Reflection sheet for identifying the skills you bring to group work
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