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Sheraz Arshad

Sheraz Arshad

Sheraz Arshad

Sheraz Arshad
“Drawing from my personal journey as an immigrant who worked relentlessly to earn my first university degree while juggling several low-wage jobs, I have firsthand experience of the hardships students often endure.”

As a former police officer and current graduate student in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies pursuing a PhD in Socio-Legal studies, Sheraz Arshad, brings a unique blend of experiences to his role as student member on the York University Board of Governors.

For more than 17 years, Sheraz served as a Toronto police officer ultimately rising to the rank of detective. His commitment to service was recognized in 2013 when he was honoured with the Ontario Medal for Police Bravery, a highlight of his professional career. Sheraz was recognized for saving the lives of five people at the scene of a hazardous chemical spill.

As an immigrant who earned his first university degree amidst numerous challenges, Sheraz has an intimate understanding of the struggles many students.

“This period of struggle didn't just make me more resilient, it also helped me become empathic with a passion to improve the experiences for my fellow students,” he said.

Sheraz has been a student at York University since 2014 where he earned his BDEM (’17) and MDEM (‘22) in Disaster and Emergency Management. He is part of the rowing team and is member of the Disaster and Emergency Management Student's Association (DEMSA).

Sheraz has volunteered with various organizations including the Red Cross, and the admissions committee in the Graduate Program in LA&PS. He has also advocated for hate crime awareness and advised on the Community Justice Centre program.

His professional accolades include the Black History Month Community Award, the Merit Mark,  Emergency Medical Services’ Allied Service Award, and two Saint John Ambulance commendations.

Sheraz was appointed to the Board effective July 1, 2023.