Hospitality (Policy)

Hospitality (Policy)

Topic: Financial and Operations
Approval Authority: Board of Governors

Description: Establishes the principles for and the context within which hospitality paid for by the University may occur. Has associated procedure.


This Policy applies in respect of all hospitality expenditures incurred by the University, regardless of the source of funding.


The University recognizes that hospitality expenses may be incurred in carrying out its educational, research, and service activities. Hospitality expenditures shall be appropriate, cost effective, support the institution’s mission and incurred in accordance with the associated Procedure and Guidelines.


The Vice-President Finance and Administration shall authorize procedures and guidelines pursuant to this policy.

Legislative History: Reviewed by the President and Vice-Presidents, May 2012. Approved by the Board Finance and Audit Committee, May 28, 2012, and the Board of Governors, June 25, 2012.