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Recognition (Policy)

Recognition (Policy)

Topic: University Grounds and Physical Facilities
Approval Authority: Board of Governors

Description: Deals with the naming of York University buildings, facilities and space; Has associated procedure.

Policy Statement

York University will name a building, facility, or space after an individual, corporation or organization:

  • to honour distinguished individuals or entities for extraordinary and outstanding contributions to humanity, the community, or society at large
  • to honour significant benefactions to York University

The Board of Governors, on the recommendation of the President, shall determine the names of all buildings, wings of buildings, public spaces, roads and gardens.

The President, or her designate(s), shall determine the names of all other areas or assets and shall decide on the place of memorial plaques.


  1. The paramount considerations in the selection of a particular name for a space shall be that the name enhances the profile and reputation or advances the academic mission of York University.
  2. The names of incumbent politicians or of current members of the York University community shall not be used except in the most extraordinary of circumstances. Any exception requires the approval of the Board of Governors.
Legislative History: Approved by the Board of Governors: 1995/05/15; Date effective: 1995/05/15; Amended: 2006/12/04