Signing Authority: Approval and Execution of Documents

Signing Authority: Approval and Execution of Documents

Topic: Financial and Operations
Approval Authority: President

Description: Issued pursuant to the Policy on Signing Authority.


  1. This Guideline applies to the approval and execution of documents entered into on behalf of York University as defined in the Signing Authority Policy, which commit the University to the spending of resources from operating, capital, ancillary or research funds or to the holding or disposal of real or personal property of the University.
  2. The authority delegated hereunder shall be exercised after proper approval and in accordance with established governance processes for obtaining approval for the transaction.
  3. This authority is in addition to the authority provided to officers of the University pursuant to the University’s by-laws and approved resolutions of the Board of Governors.

Delegation of Authority and Responsibilities

  1. In accordance with the University Policy on Signing Authority, the President hereby specifies that authority for the approval and execution of documents as set out in the Signing Register (attached), provided that, in every case, any individual to whom the designated approval authority or signatory reports, shall also be authorized to approve or sign.
  2. Notwithstanding the delegation of authority as set out in the Signing Register, no document shall be signed unless there is compliance with all University policies and applicable legislation.

Temporary Delegation of Authority

  1. An individual, designated in the Signing Register as the Approval Authority or Execution Signatory, may from time to time temporarily delegate his or her authority to execute a document where there is reason to do so. In such a situation, the form, Temporary Delegation of Authority to Approve or Execute Documents on behalf of York University, shall be completed in full. This form is provided as Appendix 1 to the Signing Register.

This form shall be:

    • signed by the Delegator, who accepts the responsibility that he/she would normally accept in authorizing such documents;
    • signed by the Delegatee, who undertakes to obtain proper University authority for the terms and conditions of the document prior to its execution, and to provide the delegator with an executed copy of any and all documents signed, forthwith after execution;
    • filed with the University’s Chief Financial Officer (who shall maintain a repository of all such delegations) once it has been duly signed by both Delegator and Delegatee and prior to the execution of any related document.


Approval Authority
The body or individual within the University’s governance or management structure with the responsibility to commit the University to the relationship.

Department Head
The employee who has the highest level of decision-making authority for a budget cost centre in a Faculty, department or other operating unit.

Execution Signatory
The individual(s) assigned the responsibility of executing formal documents, forms and instruments that bind the University contractually.

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Signing Authority Register

Legislative History: Approved by President Lorna R. Marsden; May 1, 2007. Revised September 1, 2008; September 4, 2012.