University Common (Procedure)

University Common (Procedure)

Topic: University Grounds and Physical Facilities
Approval Authority: President

Description: Specifies parameters for construction on and around the university common. Has associated policy.


Positive Definition of the Common:

  1. Any building occurring on the borders of the Common shall respect a continuous "build-to" line as defined in the Master Plan.
  2. All buildings visible from the common must sit within an established grid defined in the Master Plan, the corner columns and main entrance falling on the grid.
  3. Buildings adjoining the Common shall have a minimum building height of 12 m and a maximum length at that height of 35m. Maximum height shall be 20m.
  4. Principal entrances to all adjoining buildings shall be from the Common.
  5. Any building built on the site at the east end of the Common shall act as a visual termination to the University Common when viewed from the west. From the east, such building shall be a landmark visible from Keele Street.
  6. Buildings along York Boulevard will define and reinforce the street edge as established by the Master Plan.

Building Consistency:

  1. Exterior building palettes will be limited to materials already used in buildings on the Common and will include one or more materials from the building(s) immediately adjacent to the new site.

Landscape Values:

  1. The colonnade will be continued in an appropriate unifying fashion, with suitable links constructed between adjoining buildings.
  2. Plants, furnishings and materials will whenever possible, correspond to existing types and standards. Substitutions or replacements shall be selected to conform with existing design intentions as reflected in specifications issued from time to time by the University Master Planner.
  3. The frontal visual axis and the cross axis to Vari Hall shall not be obscured by landscaping or artistic works.
Legislative History: Approved by UEC: 1994/01/31; Approved by BPC: 1994/02/15; Date Effective: 1994/01/23