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Senate Elections

Interim Call: Nominations to Tenure and Promotions Committee; Joint Subcommittee on Quality Assurance, Awards Committee and the Vice-Chair/Chair of Senate: Call for Nominations and Expressions of Interest

The Executive Committee is facilitating an interim call for expressions of personal interest in, and suggestions for, nominations for election to fill remaining vacancies on the Senate Tenure and Promotions, Joint Sub-Committee on Quality Assurance and the Awards committees and the position of Vice-Chair/Chair of Senate. The terms for the positions are set out below. If an election is necessary, one will be held in early autumn.

Expressions of personal interest and the recommendation of other individuals for these vacancies can be transmitted by means of a form created for this purpose.  Specific criteria for each of the positions should be reviewed carefully before the forms are submitted. Individuals must be available to serve at the standing meeting times of committees.

Nominees for these positions do not need to be a Senator. Indeed, participation of non-Senators is encouraged. Committees operate most effectively with active involvement from both seasoned and newer members of the community.  Note, of course, the Vice-Chair / Chair would become a member of Senate upon election.

In recommending a slate of candidates for election to committees, the Executive Committee (or its Nominations Sub-Committee) takes into account several factors including candidates’ skills, experience and expertise, rank, and the Committee strives to draw on the diversity of members of all Faculties of the University. It reviews all nominations and expressions of interest and will make a formal recommendation to Senate.

Senators are asked by the Executive Committee to consider expressing their own personal interest and encouraging others to do so.

The nominations process is open between Thursday, 15 September – Thursday, 13 October 2022.

Questions about any aspect of the nomination and election process may be addressed to Cheryl Underhill of the University Secretariat (

Nominee Profiles