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T&P Toolkit - Sample Letters to Referees

Sample Letters to Referees for Tenure and Promotion Applications

The following sample letters (1-8) contain examples of the information which should be communicated to referees for tenure and promotion applications in the areas of professional contribution and standing, teaching and service of an applicant for T&P. Please also refer to the appropriate excerpts from the T&P Policy, Criteria and Procedures (Document 9).

NOTE: these samples are intended to be used in connection with applications for tenure and promotion, since they express themselves in terms of criteria which are specific to tenure and/or promotion to Associate Professor. When writing to referees about applications for promotion to Full Professor, or about Alternate Stream applications (Associate Lecturer or Senior Lecturer), please refer to the specific criteria which govern those applications (in the Tenure and Promotions Policy, Criteria and Procedures and the Alternate Stream Document, respectively).

Letters to External Referees

  • Letter 1: Professional Contribution and Standing – initial contact
  • Letter 2: Professional Contribution and Standing - follow up letter to those agreeing to provide assessment

Letters to Colleagues

  • Letter 3: Co-author/collaborator - solicitation for comment
  • Letter 4: Teaching – initial contact
  • Letter 5: Teaching – follow up to those agreeing to provide assessment
  • Letter 8: Service

Letters to Students

  • Letter 6: Teaching
  • Letter 7: Thesis or Teaching Supervision - solicitation for comment by those previously received supervision

Criteria Excerpts

  • Document 9: Criteria excerpts for Inclusion in sample letters