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C4 Student Awards

What is York Capstone Day?

York Capstone Day is an event held annually in April to celebrate capstone student success with a public, pan-campus event. C4 students wrap up their project journey by participating in activities throughout the event day and compete for awards.

What awards are available?

Community Impact Award (Positive Change Initiative)  

This will be awarded to a project that is a standout example of “out of the box” thinking and that best reflects core C4 values. The award will recognize projects that demonstrate the potential for long-term positive change. 

The successful recipients will illustrate/synthesize/demonstrate what the project achieved overall while reflecting on the potential impact of this project. The applications should reference ALL of the following criteria:  inclusivity, positive change, community connection and legacy.  

Congratulations to award winner, LifeStyle Program and Preventative Measures for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in Nigeria!

Transformation Award (Most Successful Pivot)  

This will be awarded to a team and to an individual who, upon extended reflection, identifies as having gone through a significant transformation. Transformation could emerge from either their collective or individual journey. 

The successful recipient(s) will illustrate/synthesize/demonstrate how their experience has been shaped by the project journey and how they addressed any obstacles along the way. Applications should reference some or all of the following criteria: an evolution in skill or approach, a needed redirection, establishment of relationships, or impact on team or personal perspective

Congratulations to individual award winner, Beenish Quddus from Teaching Children Inclusion and Diversity Through Storytelling!

Congratulations to team award winner, Ontario Long-Term Care 101!


TEAMwork Award (Together  Everyone  Achieves  More!)  

This award recognizes a team whose strength lies in its ability to come together to successfully address their project challenge and who demonstrate interdisciplinary collaborative work. (The project “deliverable” may be secondary to this focus).   

The successful recipients will illustrate/synthesize/demonstrate strong teamwork. Applications should reference some or all of the following criteria: tenacity and perseverance through the journey, challenge(s), solutions, and how the Team manifested a growth mindset. 

Congratulations to award winner, Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville Agri-tourism Conceptual Plan!

How do I apply for C4 Capstone Day Awards?

The C4 Awards application will be open from April 1st to April 15th on this page. You may apply for up to one team award and one individual award. To be eligible for a C4 Awards, you must have completed the YCN Capstone Day Materials Submission and Awards Portal Form. If you have any questions, please be in touch with us at

Thank you to our sponsors, the Stedman Estate Foundation and York International Office!