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C4 Student Awards 2023

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Student Awards

At our spring and summer Capstone Days, we invite C4 students to apply for an array of awards offered by different sponsors.

What awards were available?

Community Impact Award


First prize ($2000) = Team CJ (ECO6IX - Promoting environmental education to grade 6 students) with the video here.

Second prize ($1000) = Team AD (YU Waste - Reuse project supplies and more on campus) with the video here.

This award is given to projects that are a standout example of “out of the box” thinking and that best reflect core C4 values. The award recognizes projects that demonstrate the potential for long-term positive change.  

Team CJ

Pivot Award


First prize ($2000) = Team BB (The Pivoteers – A shift in mentorship brought a new partner on board (Dr. Shital Desai), which led to a new focus on a stroke rehabilitation app and website) with the video here.

Second prize ($1000) = Team CA (DiaSol – With a focus on kidney disease, this team tried many possible solutions to their challenge before honing in on replacing diesel powered dialysis machines with solar powered ones) with the video here.

This award is given to a team that, upon extended reflection, identifies as having gone through a significant transformation. Transformation could emerge from either their collective or individual journeys. 


Partner Choice Award  

Winners:  Team AB (RydUp) 

This award is adjudicated by a panel of past C4 partners on Capstone Day.

The prize of $1,000 is shared evenly with the team members.

Team AB


Thank you to our sponsors, the Stedman Estate Foundation and York International Office!