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Caese Levo Send Off

Caese Levo Send Off

In just a few short days, we will be losing—to Halifax—someone who has been absolutely essential to the development and success of the LAWG (Latin American Working Group) Collection for over 25 years.

Quietly behind the scenes, for years and years, Caese Levo has volunteered hundreds of hours organizing the LAWG Collection within our Resource Center.

As a result, she has been absolutely instrumental to the success of many generations of CERLAC fellows and students, not to mention hundreds of visitors from other Canadian universities, NGOs, and foreign institutions.

Over the years, she has also taken the time to generously assist individuals with their dissertation, thesis, or other research projects based on her deep knowledge of the collection and dedication to making the collection as accessible as possible.

Please join me in sending Caese off with a grateful, but heavy heart, by emailing her directly .