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The Michael Baptista Essay Prize Nomination

To Nominate:

Nomination form available here.

Submit the nominated paper and accompanying form to CERLAC no later than the date stated in the call.  If you have any question about the process, please contact Camila Bonifaz at

ONLY FACULTY MEMBERS CAN NOMINATE A PAPER. Students may not self-nominate. Nonetheless, we encourage students who have received top grades and high praise on their papers to bring the existence of this prize to the attention of their instructors, so that they might nominate the paper if they so choose. A student may have only one essay entered into the competition in any given year (if more than one is nominated, the student will be asked to choose which is to be entered into the competition). Faculty members may nominate no more than one paper per level of study (max. two overall) in any given year. For the purposes of this award, an "undergraduate student" is a student enrolled in an undergraduate program who has received no prior post-secondary degree.

The papers submitted will be reviewed by two to three faculty readers with research interests in Latin America and the Caribbean. Both the prize winners and the nominating faculty members will be advised of the decision approximately by the end of the year.