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The Conversation: ‘Parental rights’ lobby puts trans and queer kids at risk

The Conversation: ‘Parental rights’ lobby puts trans and queer kids at risk

LGBTQ+ parents are somehow left out of parent rights lobbying. (Pexels/Kampus Production)

The political right’s current strategy for fighting against LGBTQ+ equality is to frame discussions about sexuality and gender in school as an infringement on parents’ rights.

In 2020, far-right Australian MP Mark Latham introduced a “Parental Rights” bill. The bill prohibited teachers from addressing any topic that veered close to “core values” without parental consent — including LGBTQ+ gender and sexuality.

While psychology experts concerned with well-being and the New South Wales Government have rejected the bill, the focus on parental rights isn’t limited to Australia.

Parents, as a group, represent diverse concerns. The group includes LGBTQ+ parents, parents of queer and trans children and young people, pregnant and parenting teens and politically progressive activist parents — and all of the above have diverse educational, religious, economic, racialized and political experiences. However, the conservative description of parents often neglects this reality.

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