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Message from the Dean: Strategic Planning Update

MAY 3, 2023

Dear Faculty of Health community members,

Thank you all for your efforts in wrapping up the Winter term, and I hope that the upcoming summer terms are equally successful. I am writing today to provide you another update on the Faculty’s strategic planning activities.

I am delighted to note that the members of the Strategic Planning Drafting Team and Advisory Board have already been hard at work. The Drafting Team prepared a Landscape Assessment, which was informed by the survey results provided by nearly 1,800 students, faculty, staff, and alumni, along with other database analyses, document reviews, focus groups and interviews. We are all grateful for the participation and inputs provided so far.

The Advisory Board (members’ names listed below) has also been mobilized. Comprised of a diverse range of faculty, staff, students, and alumni, the Advisory Board is supporting the strategic planning process. On April 20th, these members participated in the first of two retreats focused on the Faculty’s strategic planning process. 

They not only provided feedback on the Landscape Assessment, but they also worked hard on visioning the divergent and convergent possibilities for our future.

The Advisory Board will continue to provide guidance throughout the strategic planning process. However, we continue to desire and encourage feedback from all Faculty of Health students, staff, and faculty members as we advance through the next phases of our work.

To that end, we have posted key materials on a Passport York-protected website for your review. At this time, we have posted a Landscape Assessment prepared by the Strategic Planning Drafting Team, some proposed new versions to the Faculty’s values, mission and vision statements, as well as a brief summary of Retreat #1.

In the coming weeks, the Drafting Team will continue to seek input and feedback from the Faculty of Health community at large.  This will include visits to each school/department council meeting as well as, where possible, additional focus groups, interviews, and/or open forums with students, staff, faculty members, alumni, and community partners from both within and outside of York.  

David Peters
Dean, Faculty of Health

Faculty of Health Strategic Planning Advisory Board Members (in alphabetical order)

Prakash Amarasooriya, Alumni 
Chris Ardern, Associate Dean, Research & Partnerships
Rebecca Bassett-Gunter, Director, LaMarsh Centre for Child & Youth Research  
Rob Bishop, Director, Students, Academic Services & Strategic Initiatives
Godfred Boateng, Faculty member-at-large, Global Health
Kaye Canoy, Undergraduate student, Psychology
Julie Castle, Advancement Campaign Director
Frank Clarke, Director, Communication & Planning
Jennifer Connolly, Chair, Psychology
Ashley Day, Faculty member-at-large, Kinesiology & Health Science
Renata Gritsyuk, Interim Executive Officer
Mazen Hamadeh, Associate Dean, Students
Julie Hard, Manager, International Relations
Monique Hebert, Faculty member-at-large, Psychology
Sean Hillier, Faculty member-at-large, Health Policy & Management
Rodolfo Lastimosa, Alumni
Helen Lee, Director and Senior Advisor Strategy Health Planning and Resources, Office of the Provost
Leo Macawile, Undergraduate student, Nursing
Alison MacPherson, Interim Chair, Kinesiology & Health Science
Claire Mallette, Director, Nursing
Jean-Marc Moke, Graduate student, Schulich  
Marina Morrow, Chair, Health Policy & Management
Nicole Muir, Faculty member-at-large, Psychology
James Orbinski, Director, Dahdaleh Institute for Global Health Research  
Sharon Pereira, Operations Manager, Kinesiology & Health Science
Jennine Rawana, Head, Calumet College
Rebecca Pillai Riddell, Faculty member-at-large, Psychology
Michael Rotondi, Faculty member-at-large, Kinesiology & Health Science
Jennnifer Steeves, Associate Vice-President Research, VPRI
Jovita Sundarmoorthy, Director, Strategic Research & Partnerships, Faculty of Health
Deanna Vervaecke, Graduate student, Kinesiology & Health Science
Adrian Viens, Director, Global Health  
Sarah Whitaker, Senior Policy Advisor and Director Academic Affairs, Office of the Provost