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Practicum & Internships

Students in the faculty of health can gaining international work integrated learning experience through global practicum and internships at one of our host organizations. 

Placements within a variety of settings offer opportunities to gain valuable work-related skills in areas of research, program and data management, communications, policy, advocacy and so much more!

Visit York International Outgoing Global Internships for details and program information.

Global Fellowship Program

HerStart Fellowship Program, Youth Challenge International

HerStart Fellowships offer meaningful volunteer opportunities that allow students to gain hands-on professional international development experience with a 3 or 6 month placement in either Ghana, Tanzania or Uganda. HerStart Fellows will expand their impact-driven networks, and engage in high quality training from experts in critical topics such as gender equality, climate action and social innovation. 

HerStart International Fellows receive a holistic benefits package including pre-departure training, post-placement support, round-trip airfare, visas, health insurance, a monthly living stipend and much more.  This program is funded by the Government of Canada through Global Affairs. 

Please view the full job description for more information.

Global Health Practicum

The Global Health Practicum course is open to students at the end of their Specialized Honours Global Health program and offers opportunities for students to apply their learning in a variety of international health related settings.

The Global Health Practicum takes place over the winter term when students are placed with one of our global partners.

Throughout the practicum, students complete academic activities and assignments supported by excellent supervisors and the faculty’s practicum team.  Placements include opportunities for policy development, health systems administration and management, education, research, community healthcare and program planning and evaluation. Employers include health agencies, hospitals, government, the private and non-profit sectors, as well as non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Ali Stacey's Data Analysis Project in Costa Rica

Meet Ali Stacey, a Global Health Alumni who completed a rewarding practicum in Costa Rica. Ali collected and analyzed data from 150 school teachers, strengthening local connections and cross-cultural communication skills. This experience highlighted the value of working in diverse settings, with Costa Rica proving to be an ideal location.

Cassandra's Environmental Safety Initiative in Grenada

Meet Cassandra, HIV Policy Lead with a BSc in Global Health. At St. George's University in Grenada, she created a pesticide safety manual and developed environmental safety policies. Cassandra's studies prepared her well, and the Global Health Travel Award eased financial concerns.

Mae MacNeil: Evaluating Health Education in Belize

Meet Mae MacNeil, a Global Health graduate specializing in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. During her practicum in Belize with HillSide Health Care International, Mae evaluated the health curriculum in primary schools by gathering feedback from students and teachers. Learn more about Mae's impactful work at [URL].

Chelsea Moses: Socioeconomic Factors and Child Health in Rwanda

Meet Chelsea Moses, a Global Health graduate specializing in Policy, Management, and Systems. During her practicum in Kigali, Rwanda, she worked with ten professionals to assess the link between socioeconomic risk factors and stunting in children under five. Chelsea conducted vital data analyses for the study.

Jacquelyn Yushkov: Improving Vaccine Accessibility Globally

Meet Jacquelyn Yushkov, BSc in Global Health. During her practicum in Denmark with Euro Health Group, she worked on vaccine accessibility and sustainable programs, assisting with evaluations and providing strategic recommendations. This experience also introduced her to a new culture.

Michelle and Sheila: Supporting UN Goals in Costa Rica

Meet Michelle Wijesinghe and Sheila Noriega Mestanza, BSc Global Health graduates. During their practicum in Costa Rica, they gained diverse health perspectives and worked on projects supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Scholarships & Funding

The Global Health Travel Award supports the international mobility of undergraduate students engaged in global health initiatives. The award will support qualified students to travel abroad to participate in international activities in the field of global health by offsetting travel and accommodation expenses. Priority is given to applicants with demonstrated financial need and traveling for placements with partner organizations.