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Student Exchanges

An academic exchange allows students to study abroad for one or two semesters (4-8 months) to earn credits towards their degree and learn about their academic field from an international perspective.  Students pay tuition at their home institution and can enroll in courses at the hosting institution.

Explore, Engage, Experience!

Outgoing Exchange Students

Choose your academic exchange location from among York’s 120+ international partner institutions in more than 40 countries, and complete one semester or a full academic year. Most students apply during their second year to spend their third year abroad.

Eligible students must be registered full-time and in good academic standing with York University (minimum B average, 5.5 GPA) or higher depending on the host institution’s academic requirements. Students must have completed at least 18 credits at York and cannot exceed a 60-transfer credit limit for the academic program at York University.

Visit York International’s Global Learning Website to learn more about eligibility, outgoing and incoming global learning opportunities, deadlines for applications and more.

Focus on Faculty Exchange Partners

With so many institutional partners to choose from, students in Faculty of Health programs may consider exchanges with international partners where strong faculty and program specific linkages already exist.

  • Western Norway University of Applied Sciences offers practical studies for nursing students to gain hands on experience through clinically supervised placements.  Exchange courses taught in English are offered in Spring and Autumn semesters and providing mostly dedicated direct patient-oriented work. Not all courses are offered every year and every term
  • Brunel University London, UK – Choose from a range of sport, health and exercise science courses to gain hands-on learning and work experience while accessing some of the best teaching and sports facilities in the UK.
  • University of Trinidad & Tobago, T&T – As a collaborating partner with our School of Kinesiology and Health Science program, courses at UTT offer skills & expertise in exercise and sport science in preparation for future health professions as well as sport education, management and social development.
  • Fulda University of Applied Health Sciences, Germany – Surrounded by the Rhön and Voglesberg mountains, students can examine global health systems, challenges, policies and rights through the International Health Sciences program (taught in English).
  • King’s College London, UK – Analyze and address issues of disparities in health and well-being around the world with courses in Global Health & Social Sciences at London's most central university.
  • University of Copenhagen, Denmark – Explore and design concepts to address complex health policy, economic and digital information systems at one of the largest research and education institutions in the Nordic region.
  • Brunel University London, UK – Investigate the relationship between human brain and behaviour, the influence of other people on an individual as well as psychological disorders at their treatment. Concentrate your studies on the mind-body connection in relation to sport and physical activity.
  • Justus Liebeg university, Germany – “Mind, Brain and Behaviour” - An international Master’s program taught at Justus Liebeg University Germany in English. The program provides core competencies for career and industrial research in the fields of Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience, or the Behavioural Sciences and combines theoretical and hands-on methods courses. 

Incoming Exchange Student

The Faculty of Health welcomes students from partner universities to study at York University and to choose from among a wide range of health courses.  Partner universities must have an exchange agreement with York University. 

Please contact your institution's International Office for more information and your eligibility to take part in an exchange. Students must be nominated by their institution through the York International nomination system before they can apply for admission.

Resources for Student Success

Incoming Exchange Student Success
  1. York International
  2. International Support
  3. Calumet College and Stong College

Student Experiences

Student Flourishes in Academic Exchange at King's College London

Emery Alday: Bachelor of Science, Global Health

As a student in the Global Health program at York University, Emery seized the opportunity to gain valuable international experience through an academic exchange with York’s partnering Global Health program at King’s College London (KCL) in the United Kingdom. Despite living in the largest and busiest city of the UK for 6 months, Emery found her community and benefitted from the small class sizes at KCL which helped her better engage with the content and make personal connections with professors. “This experience has helped me become more confident in my authentic self, which has helped me make more personal connections I otherwise would have never made”. Emery was able to finally experience her long-held dream of studying abroad, not only has she been thriving in the KCL classrooms, but she has also embraced her role as an explorer in the streets of London. “Getting the chance to experience a different side of healthcare through the unique courses at KCL has introduced me to a new perspective that has enhanced my experience as an undergrad in Global Health”.

Emery Alday

Exploring Psychology Abroad at Brunel University

TréAnn Billings-Shaw: Bachelor of Arts, Psychology

TréAnn Billings-Shaw completed astudent exchange program during her fourth year of undergraduate studies at Brunel University in Uxbridge, United Kingdom. She took a variety of courses that she tremendously enjoyed, acquiring a deeper understanding of psychological perspectives on sexuality, forensics, gender and feminism. “Gaining a perspective on my psychology studies from a different corner of the world, I learned how these subjects in psychology are uniquely perceived across various global contexts”. TréAnn always wanted to go to London and was able to create a home away from home. “Participating in a student exchange program in a different country is an invaluable experience that everyone should embrace. It not only facilitates meaningful connections but also offers an exploration of diverse perspectives within your chosen area of study”.

TréAnn Billings-Shaw

Virtual Exchange in Germany Expands Horizons

Kaye Trisha Canoy: Bachelor of Arts, Psychology

While acquiring a double Major in Psychology and Linguistics, Kaye Trisha Canoy joined a Faculty of Health virtual exchange program in partnership with Justus Liebig University Giessen, in Germany. "The student exchange program has been one of the best experiences during my time at York University". The experience helped her make social connections with students across the globe, widening her perspective and understanding of how educational systems work in other countries. With her interest in the characteristics of human language, she took Introduction to German and Contact Linguistics courses “both courses helped me envision my future goal as an ESL teacher in countries outside of Canada”. Kaye highly recommends students to participate in the student exchange program. “Students should seek out international experiences which are widely available at York - it allows you to think outside of the box, widens societal perspectives and fosters a culture of growth.”

Kaye Trisha Canoy

Scholarships & Funding

Awards are available to help offset the costs of student programs abroad. Learn about York International Mobility Award (YIMA), endowed scholarships, and external awards available to students.