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Video Description - Health Studies

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[Faculty of Health at York University logo]

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[Health Studies logo]

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[The words ‘what comes to mind when you think of health care?’ appears on screen]
What comes to mind when you think of health care?

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[Illustration of a Doctor’s white coat and Nurse’s scrubs]
A doctor? A nurse?

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[Split screen showing a busy pedestrian street on the left and a grandfather teaching his grandson how to ride a bike on the right]
They are important but the health of Canadians and the effectiveness of our healthcare system relies upon the knowledge and skills of many non medical professionals.

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[A doctor and a health manager in a meeting]
Our system requires health managers

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[An information specialist and healthcare workers in a meeting]
information specialists and

0:00:26.810 --> 0:00:29.179
[A healthcare worker and an analyst looking at a computer screen]
Public policy analysts and researchers working

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[Arrows connect the three icons for health policy, management and informatics]
together to promote health and to run our healthcare system.

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[Aerial footage of York university campus]
The Health Studies program at York University prepares students for careers that Canadian Business Magazine says are

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[The quote “health care manager, information system analyst & health policy researcher are among Canada’s best jobs for salary and demand outlook.” by Canadian Business Magazine appears on screen.]
among Canada's best jobs for salary and demand outlook

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[A red map of Canada with a white medical cross]
in health policy students learn how governments develop and

0:00:47.990 --> 0:00:50.030
[Zoom in on the white medical cross]
implement policies while examining

0:00:50.030 --> 0:00:55.430
[White medical cross on a red heart]
current issues that directly impact health

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[Lines branching out from red heart connect to symbols for money, education, employment, law, food, and the economy]
such as income poverty education and employment.

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[Crowd of demonstrators with the word ‘policy’ on screen]
in this program students explore the importance of health education and human rights as well as the role that

0:01:05.720 --> 0:01:11.360
[Two men discussing a spreadsheet with the word ‘policy’ on screen]
politics, ethics, economics, law and interest groups play in the development of public policy

0:01:11.360 --> 0:01:17.780
[A tree diagram of a health care structure]
in health management students learn about the healthcare system from an organizational perspective through state-of-the-art management courses that

0:01:17.780 --> 0:01:21.880
[The words ‘health management’, ‘leadership’, ‘system performance’, ‘finance’, ‘integrated health systems’ appear on screen]
cover health management, leadership and decision-making measuring performance

0:01:21.880 --> 0:01:25.930
[Timelapse of rising line graph]
finance and integrated health systems

0:01:25.930 --> 0:01:36.760
[Video of a professor and his students looking over a graph being displayed on a phone, a table, and a laptop]
In health informatics students learn how information technology is rapidly changing health and healthcare including how we communicate with our healthcare providers and

0:01:36.760 --> 0:01:42.820
[Video of three students looking at a laptop being displayed on a phone, a table, and a laptop]
how we collect and interpret information to make decisions that directly affect healthcare.

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[Graduation cap and the words ‘Bachelor of Health Studies Degree (BHS)’ on a red background]
All students in York's Health Studies program graduate with a Bachelor of Health Studies degree

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[Map of Canada with a white medical cross and the word ‘policy’ on a red background]
but can choose to focus on policy

0:01:50.470 --> 0:01:52.000
[Heart rate graph and the word ‘management’ on a red background]
Management or

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[Tablet and a laptop and the word ‘management’ on a red background]

0:01:53.229 --> 0:02:04.149
[Symbols for law, gender equality, management, security, and medicine on a red background]
or they can customize their degree to combine all three. York's multidisciplinary approach teaches students about the many interconnected factors and complex issues that impact health and healthcare.

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[Marina Morrow, Chair of the School of Health Policy and Management]
The world is facing unprecedented health challenges

0:02:06.16 --> 0:02:08.770
[Newspaper with headline ‘Zika virus spreading’]
including chronic diseases and aging

0:02:08.770 --> 0:02:10.360
[Senior patient in a hospital]
population and

0:02:10.360 --> 0:02:12.670
[Homeless man]
growing rates of inequality

0:02:12.670 --> 0:02:17.770
[Professor lecturing in a classroom]
In our program students have the opportunity to work with people from different backgrounds and to learn to solve problems in new and creative ways.

0:02:17.770 --> 0:02:22.290
[Marina Morrow, Chair of the School of Health Policy and Management]
Our graduates are out there leading change and making a difference.

0:02:22.290 --> 0:02:27.430
[Jennifer Catton, Manager, Strategy & Quality at the Department of Medical Imaging, UHN, Joint Department of Medical Imaging]
I graduated with a Bachelor of Health Studies specializing in health management.

0:02:27.430 --> 0:02:31.239
[Jennifer walking in office]
I’m now the manager of strategy and quality with the joint department of medical imaging.

0:02:31.239 --> 0:02:38.980
[Jennifer meeting with colleague]
Here at JDMI, my team is responsible for driving the strategic direction of the department.

0:02:38.980 --> 0:02:41.530
[Jennifer speaking]
We develop best practices internal to JDMI and then work with partners to scale all across Ontario.

0:02:41.530 --> 0:02:47.290
[Wali Karzai, Business Analyst, Strategy & Quality, Department of Medical Imaging at the UHN, Joint Department of Medical Imaging]
I'm a recent graduate of the Bachelor of Health Studies program specializing in health management.

0:02:47.290 --> 0:02:51.400
[Wali looking at spreadsheet with colleague]
Right now I'm a business analyst for the joint department of medical imaging

0:02:51.400 --> 0:02:52.930
[Wali working on computer]
The work that I do really takes a look at

0:02:52.930 --> 0:02:57.250
[Wali presenting to a colleague]
opportunities for improving the healthcare system by way of reducing wait times

0:02:57.250 --> 0:02:59.709
[Wali speaking]
then improving overall experience.

0:02:59.709 --> 0:03:04.989
[Shirlee Li, Information Coordinator at the Regional Geriatric Program of Toronto, Sunnybrook Health Science Centre]
I graduated from the health informatics program and now I'm the

0:03:04.989 --> 0:03:06.850
[Shirlee working on computer]
information coordinator with the

0:03:06.850 --> 0:03:11.709
[Shirlee and colleague walking down hallway]
regional geriatric program of Toronto. My team and I work with big data to produce

0:03:11.709 --> 0:03:16.360
[Shirlee and colleague looking at data]
meaningful information for the government and health professionals.

0:03:16.360 --> 0:03:20.110
[Shirlee speaking]
This data provides us valuable information so that we can serve our patients better.

0:03:20.110 --> 0:03:26.980
[Julia Salzmann, Senior Policy Analyst at York Region]
I graduated from York University with a bachelor's in health studies where I specialized in health policy and I

0:03:26.980 --> 0:03:29.970
[York Region Administrative Centre]
currently work as a senior policy analyst with York Region on

0:03:29.970 --> 0:03:33.930
[Julia talking with colleague]
developing a diversity and inclusion policy and charter for our region and

0:03:33.930 --> 0:03:38.640
[Julia looking at ad mockups with colleague]
this work will ensure that we continue to make our communities as welcoming

0:03:38.640 --> 0:03:41.100
[Julia speaking]
safe and inclusive as possible.

0:03:41.100 --> 0:03:43.230
[Symbols for Health Policy, Management, and Informatics]
With health policy, management, and informatics,

0:03:43.230 --> 0:03:53.190
[The sentence “More breadth and depth than any other university in Canada” on top of a map of Canada]
York's Health Studies program offers more study breadth and depth than any other university in Canada while preparing students for rewarding careers in these rapidly growing areas.

0:03:53.190 --> 0:03:56.700
[The sentence “Learn more about how you can make a difference” on a white background)
Learn more about how you can make a difference in health and

0:03:56.700 --> 0:04:00.270
[The sentence “Health Studies at York University” on a white background]
health care with a Bachelor of Health Studies degree from York University.

0:04:00.270 --> 0:04:08.620
[The URL “” on a white background]
Visit our website at ‘shpm’ dot ‘info’ dot ‘yorku’ dot ‘ca’

0:04:08.620 --> 0:04:13:660
[Faculty of Health at York University logo]