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Video Description - Psychology

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[Faculty of Health logo]

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[text on screen: “Psychology”]

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[Stephanie Tassopoulus, fourth year Psychology student]
I took psychology because I was interested in learning more about why people behave the way they do people are complicated and psychology accepts that complexity while also trying to break things down and make it a little bit simpler.

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[Karishma Patel, fourth year Psychology student]
What I love about psychology at York is the professors who teach the subjects at York, the courses.

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[Psychology professor teaching a class]
They're so passionate about what they teach and

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[Students taking notes in class]
that motivates me to be more productive and learn more.

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[Stuti Naik, fourth year Psychology student]
The reason that I picked York was because of the diversity of the amount of classes that it has first of all not forcing me to go into a

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[Professor lecturing. Text on screen: “Social psychology & personality traits, developmental psychology, brain & behaviour, memory, learning, and motivation, abnormal psychology & counselling, psychological theories and research methods”]
specific type of psychology when applying and secondly when coming to York allowing me to take all the different areas of psychology to truly pick the type of psychology that I enjoy.

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[Joshua Aziza, third year Psychology student]
You can meet with an academic advisor who will chart the path that believe that suits you best and so there's there's no limitations on how you want to shape your undergraduate career in psychology.

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[Monica Vessio, third year Psychology student]
Classes are brought in spectrums so that you can take a class on literally anything at York. Whether it's animal behavior personality imagery memory it's very interesting in the fact that you can get involved like that.

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[Psychology student]
Psychology is a very broad field there's many different kind of subjects such as

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[Brain scans on a computer]
neurological basis courses that focus more on the brain

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[Pupil tracking on a computer]
and perception and vision cognition.

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[Patient entering MRI scanner]
Well what’s really interesting at York is they actually have an MRI lab which you can actually

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[Monica Vessio speaking]
go in and volunteer whether it's a student or you're working with a professor,

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[Neurological models on a computer]
and it's actually ties in psychology with neurological behavior.

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[Joshua Azizza speaking]
So I’ve always been interested in law. I thought that it's in a very inspiring and interesting profession and I thought what better to give me insight into the human mind than psychology?

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[Monica Vessio speaking]
I want to work with teenagers struggling with eating disorders in a clinical setting so whether that's at a hospital or places downtown that specialize in eating disorders. On the other hand I also do want to work with teenagers who suffer from depression or anxiety issues.

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[Afifa Mahboob]
Specifically I would like to do something in health promotion and education, where I can focus on looking at people with anxiety and finding ways to help them better, or the elderly dealing with depression so major issues such as that.

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[Psychology Professor Rebecca Pillai Riddell]
A psychology degree from York University opens many career pathways graduates from psychology have gone on to careers in multiple areas.

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[Lawyers in a meeting]
Such as lawyers,

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[Social worker speaking to clients]
social workers,
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[Teacher grading papers]
Teachers and professors,

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[Corrections officer speaking to visitor]
corrections officers,

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[Two people in a meeting]
human resource,

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[Two people strategizing on a board]
marketing managers and

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[Rebecca Pillai-Ridell]
much more.

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[Stuti Naik speaking]
The person that I started when I came in my first year is very different from who I am now, and I wouldn't have chosen anything else but this for myself. And I feel like that's something that it was eye-opening for me that coming to York I kind of started as one person and I'm finishing as another. And that finished product is kind of what I think everyone should aspire to be, because it's a pretty good space and I think York is the reason that I got to that place.

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[Faculty of health logo]